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A heart that is broke,
Is a heart that doesn't bleed.

A heart that's full of joke,
Is a heart that's full of memory.

A heart that's ready to croak,
Is a heart that can't breath.

Deep beneath the words spoke,
Is a heart that can't be.
Hearts are meant to broken.
Life is like swimming in a large body of water,
and being a little more than halfway done,
you get tired and weary but it's more dangerous to turn around,
you gotta find the strength to push on and make it to the other side,
we could turn back and go to the same old ties and same life,
but if we push on and work hard we will make it to a new opportunity.

Do not give up,
push on through,
fight the good fight,
we must continue to finish.
The things I come up with when I feel the spirit in me.
I see you in the Fall
The red leaves whipping in the wind like your hair flowing behind you.
The chaotic movement connect to something
I see you in the fall.
The wind screaming in my ear
like you when the schizophrenia kicked in
but beautiful
in a broken sort of way.
I see you in the fall.
Like the flowers that bend towards the slightest glimmer of sunlight
just as you would hold onto any ray of hope that came your way
like it was the last time you'd see it
I see you in the fall
as the trees show their branches
it leaves falling like your hair did
despite it's baldness
I saw you in the fall.
But now it's winter and like the leaves on the trees
You are gone.
This poem is to my mom who died of cancer, fall was her favorite season, and is now mine too.
tell me-
is it hard knowing everything is the same?
because my god you feel like stone
beautiful marble
carrying the appearance of warmth
but in reality
cold and unbending
to change you would mean
I must chisel away your edges
but in softening your sharpness
the beauty would be lost
the elusive warmth would dissipate
and I would be left with the pebbles of what you held inside
I'm dead on the inside.
I give you life.
I died twice,
it was never nice.
I'm so dead.
The flesh  desires,
the soul/spirit  convicts,
and the mind  decides.
It's a God thing.
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