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Prachi Sep 2020
A universal language to express,
Its potential is underestimated;
It is a treasure that you possess.

The sign of your strength,
Smile is the prettiest thing to wear;
Spreading happiness at length.

Inexpensive as it is to have,
It gives a glorious flair;
Go on and make it flash.

It is a key that fits well,
In the lock of other’s hearts;
Helping the relations propel.

Without words it says a lot;
It is the light of your soul,
Enlightening any dark spot.

A charming gift to give,
Smile is a two-way thing;
Make it the source of your bliss.
A Jun 2020
Science is my religion
Listen before you shout
"No, now that's impossible"
Please, just hear me out.

Science is my religion
It fits the basic rules
It explains the way the world works
And I personally think it's cool.

Long ago, if a volcano struck
We explained it with our gods
I'm not saying that's not wrong,
(But there might've been different odds)

So science is my religion
Researchers are my priests
Announcing new discoveries
Natures now-known feats.

A hypothesis is my prayer
What I think will happen
It's my way of saying "please,
Bless me with thy compassion"

When my hypothesis is wrong
It doesn't mean I'm bad
Doesn't mean I've sinned
Or that a god is mad

It simply means it's different
I haven't found the answer
I will go and ask for help
Find a scientific pastor.

A lab room is my chapel
To go when I need guidance
Or have a burning question
I will answer it with science.

I do not mean to harm
Start an all-out war of deities
I respect and appreciate all gods
All religions of different varieties

But science is my religion
My way of finding answers
Where my curiosity flourishes
Motivation to acts of good manners.

Once again, please do not yell
Tell me that I must be wrong
It's just that our views differ
We sing a different song

I love that you have yours
God, gods, spirits, angels, more
I know we can all get along
Just as nicely as before.

Science is my religion
Researchers, my priests
A hypothesis, my prayer
A laboratory, my chapel.
The Unsung Song Apr 2020
Enough is enough.
I'm done sitting in a room of darkness.
I'm done shouting into the void of black.
I want the world to see me for who I am.
For without the controversy of a feeling man,
I would not be what I am.

Enough is enough.
I want the world to see,
what I was meant to be.
I want my creativity,
to pour and pour out of me.
For without the controversy of a creative man,
I would not be what I am.

Enough is enough.
I need the world to relinquish me,
from this undying epiphany.
This epiphany which tells me,
that I am nothing without my pen.
I am this pen,
and this pen is I.
Bleeding ink to page,
while I figure out what next to write.
As though there is nothing to do,
but write.
For without the controversy of a passionate man,
I would not be what I am.

When enough is enough,
you suddenly become,
good enough.
I've been struggling with self-worth lately. Writing about it helps a lot. While in this writing session, I've learnt that I need to accept myself for who I am, instead of letting other people's opinions define me.
Ruhani Jan 2019
If in one line
I have to define
my break up feeling
I would opine
It was enlightening
Since I wouldn't have seen
in your blinding aura
the things,
I see now.
Break ups are like a new birth, if you survived the deadly pain.
otiz Oct 2018
I listen, I hear
but not here do I listen
There, that place
Her moment
Her space
harlon rivers Jan 2017
Gathered pieces of a great puzzle ;
refreshed perspective like ocean riptides
foment at the confluence collecting dark rivers’ flow
Repurposing back-eddies ,
rejuvenation of stagnant brackish waters ,
inherent buried soul-shine purging
from the ancient core of earth mother

Light arising from the hidden depths
of inner stillness as if a refilling wellspring
burst forth , reawakening muted sighs unspoken
Forming poetic constellations of black and bright
to lighten afar the nebulous darkness ,
a sea of swirling ink transformed into poetry

A sage opus renewed
by the muse of a migrating flock ,
striving to discover new sacred grounds ;
yet there is an undeniable song sung
in the howling winds of change
An incitement from a higher dialect
that empowers a restoration of spirit
Oeuvre uplifted by rogue waves
of summoning winds ,
arousing that which time erases

A manifest renaissance
among the rousing nuances
of poetic continuum ,
judicious to rediscover
the enthralling vastitude
of every breaking wave
in a boundless sea of poesy

Where prevailing currents
stir oceans of verse eternal ;
provoking a verve revival ,
the magnitude of an unbroken circle ,
ocean swells merging singularity
with the omnipresent colour
of uncharted depths

As if thoughts are assuaged
by a union of intimately touching souls
with words of intangible spheres ,
sparking subtle shades of meaning
spanning poetic immortality
Transcending barriers of unexplored lexicon
to manifest the immensity,
enkindling rhapsody of hearts and minds
Deeply rooted soul replenishment
harvested from the tree of humankind ,
willingly sharing without regret nor intention ,
with deference to the soul of one-blood,
one-love enabling an enlightening
metamorphosis of the human journey ...

© harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
Graff1980 Jun 2015
The bitter bruises
That mark my bare flesh

Bring me closer to enlightenment

The harsh words of enemies,
Family, and friends

Bring me closer to enlightenment

The cruel human suffering
And daily acts of violence

Bring me closer to enlightenment

The **** I see on my computer screens
The darkness of our society

Bring me closer to enlightenment

You know what
I don’t need to be that enlightened
SMILEY May 2015
The only reason I live
The only reason I love
The only reason I cry
The only reason I laugh
The only reason I believe
The only reason I'm here

You taught me how to be a person
And you're still going
I am your project
Your precious

I just wanted to let you know
You're my hero
And I beg of you
Never let go
Of this knowledge I remind you of every day
I love you
Every little thing about you
Oh, yes I do

Remember this
Don't let it slip your mind
When I tell you other wise
Because those are the things you're still there for
I'll be terrifyingly nice
Just as long as  
You never forget
You're my favorite person
It's my moms birthday.
Roberta Day Feb 2015
Creature of magnificence
I am ecstatic to see you glow
You’ve been lost in shadows cast
by those you want to know
You are more than what you think
though at times it may seem
your worth is less than zinc,
the final page from a ream
  I know the light is there
I can feel it in your stare
your fingertips move mountains
and quiet fountains of despair
Your words can build temples
  and leave them in ruins
Your mind screams for purpose
while abiding outside influence
  The system is broken
and we are broken too
and we fill our cracks with darkness
but the light always shines through
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