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Amy Oct 5
i met an old lady on the street one chilly morning,
she asked if i cared for my mum
i pondered over why she would ask me this
i looked at her directly in the eye and saw:
but glistening in her knowing eyes there was also:
And i wondered why the world left her pretty soul aching
Unfortunately, in the modern world this is how parents are being treated when they become weak and old. They become forgotten souls, just like the rest of us will be one day.
Bhill Oct 5
You're reality
Does it fit the life you live
Have you had questions

Is your energy your own
Do you believe there is more
Have you wanted to explore
Are you having suspicions
Reach out for a mixed path
A pathway to somewhere else

You are not alone
Life's path can be adapted
Adapted to match

Brian Hill - 2019 # 249
Is your reality fit your in your life?
Derrick Jones Sep 29
Thinking I see clearly
Comes at a price
I pay it dearly
Spraying windex on glass barriers
Trapped by this transparency
I run wildly through a labyrinth
A prison of my own creation
Crimson, I move with desperation
The direct path overlooked

You are complex and unpredictable
Yet I try to predict you anyway
I put a vision of you inside my maze
I see your actions through an egoic haze
I analyze and interpret in a naive craze
And as I forecast the coming phase
I finally see this labyrinth I must raze

Wisdom is knowing how much you cannot know
Freedom is acting with that knowledge
Truth is the value that sets you free
The only path toward reality

Go shatter the glass
Veer off the path that you created
That you never knew you hated
The false entrapments in your way
So you can finally seize the day

I will not put you in a prison
I will correct this twisted prism
Come join me in this mission
Let’s create a new shared vision
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Thanks for reading!
Nigdaw Sep 26
I sit and eat potato chips
on my couch in front of tv
I am a cannibal
sofa surfing
channel hopping
media crawling
it's the only exercise
I get these days
too busy observing
to join in
my critical critique
leaves me astounded
as to how absurd the world can be
missed penalties and opportunities
keep me ranting
panting in disbelief
reality isn't reality tv
everybody becomes an actor you see
they're just not famous
enough yet to be celebrity
one of these days I'll make the news
headline report with shocking footage
couch potato ate himself to death
binging on a 52 inch flat screen.
It could be
Like this

You may think
He/She is following you
He/She may be chasing
His/Her dream

And you are in
As simple as that
Genre: Observational
Theme: You must know that || Crossroads
Nylee Sep 25
A**** real and reality
I follow the blurred real pictures
Which spiral away from divinity
Yuki Sep 24
It all started with
my monochromatic picture on my friends cell phone
saying , I thought it's better since your complexion was not that good
You can be prettier, said my eyes look good with this color
More amazing you look with this lipstick on , continued as she spat those words with nothing new
trying to conceive me , decieve me into those new ideas of beutiology and idology of what hamunity is now becoming
A reality I see around me , afraid of those robots that live with me , between the walls of my city
Just walk more elegantly and then A lady
shall you become one if you do my baby
I give those words right back at you honey
May you become more honest with us dearly
I pray for you to hear me
I say to you, believe me
Keep being you and don't become hazy
after all this brainwash poster, adds and snapchats
it's all technical Say after me
" No more Artificial idea of what is Beauty"
Stay Natural like the sunlight
getting affected by the clouds, wind and "how the universe revolves around me" that's a nay nay
Get your head straight
that's for all of you out there
trying to look like somehwere
has changed and so you are adapting
your not camalia so stop faking it be be
how you were born to be
be however god has made you to be
just don't be who you are not cuz surgery will only change you from outside
keeping the heart untouched and lonely
leaving that shape and staying broken
not connecting to another , that's for the soul I say this
cuz you will **** someone if you really want their heart my lady
no money can buy true love
cuz trust ain't built on blood
it's built on looks"eyes", words and actions(love) after that you hear me?
Got you no black soul to be under your mercy
withstanding their pride shattered to blinds
taking orders with fines and accepting pain with what they think pleasure is the reward
they got it all wrong
and you played a part in that stupid game called
Monochromatic Way of LIEf
as you keep installing the money in his bank account
and pave the way for the rest to fall in that hole of no more
Chiara Sep 23
You call me a nerd, tell me that I’m freaky.
Only ‘cause I love comics, my books and my movies.
You say that I’m childish, that I ought to grow up,
That I’m too old, that I should give it up.
But people don’t get it, why I love other worlds,
Why I read Harry Potter and watch Lord of the Rings.
The reason for it, it’s quite obvious to me:
To escape my life, this reality of me.
Fantasy forever <3
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