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poetry is so broad to me
i love the sense of everything that it holds
the love, the anger, everything in between
it makes me feel the urge to write about anything and everything
it has the most beautiful power over me,
and i am ok with that
it's the only way to tell in words your feelings
i know as cliques as that sounds
majority of people on this planet have the worst time communicating to one another
although they can speak
poetry makes it easier for you
and helps you release
and that is exhilarating
giggling I am not being
facetious but the sight of you
flying towards me is exhilarating
and quite honestly I can say that
you are the happiest thing I have
ever witnessed.
Frank DeRose Oct 2017
Jumped out of a plane today.
Willingly, knowingly, and confidently.

Climbed 14,000 feet in a plane with two benches and 20 people


Waddled out to the garage door
A gaping hole in a metal tube hurtling through the sky






Free fell, 120 miles an hour toward the unforgiving earth.

Sometimes I wonder about ***.
He made us dumb enough to want to do this,
For his laughs? Or ours?
Of my own volition (and at a high velocity) I plummet to what could easily be my death and last memory on this earth.

I give zero *****.

It was the most exhilarating feeling in the world.

The parachute deploys,
I am tugged upwards.

My instructor spirals us downward,
Allows me to pull and steer.

I have no clue what exactly to do and try to follow his cues,
But I know one thing

This **** is *fun
Divine Dao-3 Oct 2016
Florentine rose
and peony

and vetiver
hannah Dec 2015
she always crossed the street so suddenly,
she would stand right on the curb as cars flew past her.
she wanted to drop out of high school.
run away, and just live her ******* life.
she hated being tied down to something or someone.
she taught me life shouldn’t be taken so seriously
and to live in the moment more often.
she was this mysterious, fearless girl
who wanted nothing more than to figure out this huge ****** up world.
i wrote this while listening to her play colors by halsey on the guitar
The arousing emotional fiber of first love
An exhilarating love at first sight
A bittersweet painful passion
An overwhelmingly deep love
Gentle as a summer gust
Fierce and chilling as the ice cliffs
That is the way your love is to me
Universal as life itself
#arousing #emotional #fiber #exhilarating #bittersweet #overwhelming #gentle #summer #gust #fierce #chilling #cliffs #universal #itself
Blackness Oct 2014
That day I saw you
All dressed and ready
The sun was setting
My heart beat steadily

The wind was blowing
At a steady pace
It blew in the right direction
To show your beautiful face

I saw the world
And all its wonder
So bright, so brilliant
So full of color

That day was memorable
A dream come true
I just wish I took the chance
To be close to you

If I had a box just for wishes
If I had the power to make them true
I would use them till the day passes
Just to spend them with you

That day I saw you
Ready to show
The beauty *** gave you
From head to toe

Get ready
For the day will end
I'll see you tomorrow
My beautiful and wonderful
That day was amazing, something I'll never forget.
>:)<  <-------- hug
Winter Silk Jul 2014
Physics:                                                         ­      Love:
        It's not the fall that kills                          It's not falling in love that kills
             The fall is actually                                          The fall is actually
                 exhilarating                                                     ­    thrilling
                 invigorating                                                     ­ intoxicating  
                 breathtaking                                                     ­  vitalizing
         it's when you've finally                                    it's when you've finally
               hit the ground                                                  reached the end
                that kills you                                                     that kills you.
if there's one thing I've learned from physics that can be poetic...
CV Apr 2014
A new start,
something fresh.
Friends look at you
with wide eyes
erasing all the previous
times you had met
with this new time,
all from something simple.
Something fresh.
A haircut.
Although going from
long flowing wavy
strawberry blond hair
to dark pixie short
brunette colored hair
is quite the difference...
but it's something fresh.
Something new.
Something great.
I recently got a dramatic haircut and I absolutely love it. Thought I'd share my thoughts about it here.

— The End —