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Aer Oct 8
all it took was a single look- he fell for her.
angel eyes in clear blue skies, he only thought of her.

the sun created her dancing raven locks,
capturing life- tempting him to reach towards her.

the moon would rise, singing solitary melodies,
and in his inner strife, he only wished for her.

the stars could taint the lonely night
but their brilliance couldn't stain his love for her.

chrysanthemums reflected in her sancy diamond lies,
and for her sustenance, he picked bouquets for her.

her beauty shone like carved, clear stone,
and his heart was enveloped in a cold embrace from her.

and as he fell, a willing victim to the abyss,
he smiled, as if all his breath was hers.
a ghazal attempt I wrote for class about a man with an...unhealthy obsession with the abyss.
Aer Oct 4
rage leaves your lips as chaotic silence
lost in the air, unheard of by my ears
you speak of mountains and harsh convergence
of thoughts. insults hitting, targeted spears.

just as the cunning serpent tempting Eve,
doubt burns through your mind, forgetting its roots
regret— that one has caused you to believe
poisonous lyrics, rising in upshoots.

emotion leaves hands how the lips could not
release cruel thoughts upon the decay
left-behind in the aftermath of rot
yet forbearance causes my mind to stay.

can I ever escape from your embrace?
untrusting love, causing my heart to race.
more poetry homework, this time a mess of an attempt at sonnet writing- I am atrocious at following "poem rules" for more "traditional" poetry.
Aer Sep 26
single drops of rain
remind me of what I've lost—
your touch, my bright eyes.
last minute haiku for a poetry class I totally forgot I was taking.
Aer Aug 7
she's watching the rain flow slowly down her windowsill.
she's hearing the pittering steps it makes on her shingles.

she's lost in the moment, her radio playing music
that washes her worries away.
she feels nothing, yet feels the weight of all her thoughts
circulating. like a cloud around her head.

clear thinking won't come today.
just a little something I felt while watching the rain.
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