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Rose Diamond Dec 2019
He’s always there
In the night and day
Protecting me, if scared
Keeping me out of harm's way

My knight in shining armor
A poet and a writer
A doctor if needed too
He comes out of the blue.

He’s also a scientist
Teaching me at every step
I wonder, Is he ever wrong?
As i try to comprehend

Pushing me always to do my best
Never settling for any less
He helps me achieve all my goals
Punishing me lightly when i do wrong

A teacher, soldier
And my best friend too
Let me ask you a question
What is your father to you?
Rose Diamond Dec 2019
They told me you were dangerous
The baddest of our kind
That with only a single look
You’d get all girls to sigh

You were quite the charmer
Of that i was quite sure
But what I didn’t really expect
Was to fall myself much more

I thought that i was different
That you’d also fall for me
For my attributes and laughter
For my smile on every eve

But that didn’t really happen
I got a wake up call
And while i was expecting a miracle
You didn’t notice at all

But its ok, i learned a lesson
And to you i bid goodbye
Because i realized I didn’t need your love
To make myself fly high
Rose Diamond Jun 2019
i wonder sometimes,
if ill ever be okay,
if this felling of sadness
will ever go away

if my smile would be real
and the gleamer in my eyes will return
if ill ever love myself again

is it too bad to hope for things to get better,
because they say that before the light comes the dark
is it okay to cry a little forever
i wish i knew what has been planed.

so ill hope for the best,
try and keep my hopes high,
fake a smile every day
till it becomes real at last.
Rose Diamond Jun 2019
Together we are stronger, we keep each other safe,
No problem is too little, no fear is too great;
You make me stronger you make me brave,
Proudly beside me with a smile on your face.

I know the time has come, to say our goodbyes;
4 years to college, we have grown up,
Time to face our fears and try the best we can;
But don’t worry, for I am in your heart.

I think sometimes we're foolish, and we make mistakes;
But you’re never too far, to correct and keep me safe,
I know I am the only one, the one you must protect,
The flower around trees, the jewel of our nest.

The world is at our feet, were a queen and kings,
Ready to make an enormous change,
in our history.

It doesn't matter where we'll be in 5 years,
Will we get married?
Will we have kids?
Will be even closer than we are now,
Still unstoppable, as it was then it will be now.

We’ll keep in touch,
All the time,
I will have you on my mind;
No matter when ill always be there ,
After all in just one call away


— The End —