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Charlotte Jun 2015
I would trust him with my life. I have never met him, he doesn't know my name. Yet he does the same.
Caitlyn Morton Apr 2015
They say "you're one-in-a-million."
but when you think about it,
there really is someone that's
exactly like you. They know how
you feel.

A lot of people feel like they
can't go on, because something
terrible has happened to them;

a lot of people cut themselves
wide open because they think they're
not good enough. Because they
want to feel;

A lot of people stand in front
of the bathroom mirror, lift their
shirt up, and pinch the "fat" that
is not there; they're blind to see
that their body is already
nothing but bone;

A lot of people know what it's
like to feel the way you do.

Choose to feel the

— The End —