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Journey of Days Aug 2017
tears have colour

fresh tears created in battles
they gnaw away at the wounds
dashing away in torrents
draining and savage
mixing with the red rain
the acid of injury
the trail is ****** and raw
rubble left drenched
then soaked to the core
the phase of red tears.

here begins
the agony of the heart
purple tears
are razors
they slice
cutting away
at a mind left in tatters
shredding itself within loops
purple tears leak randomly
chasing the what ifs
around and around and around
on tilted merry-go-rounds
spraying centrifugal patterns
onto canvases previously untouched
the phase of purple tears

tears of black herald possession
symptoms of poison
the rot of insult
moral injury tracking through veins
distorting sight
and clouding the remnant mind
black tears ooze
sticky with regret and anger
they recreate battles
some that never happened
they fuel the movies of revenge
give off a cold smoke
that distorts time
they can shine brightly
creating the illusion
of strength and restoration
black tears are the trap
offering paths down perpetual loops
the phase of black tears

these tears are tricky
they look normal
but carry the code of injury
blue tears are loaded with emotion
they course away in silent sobs
leaving the DNA of injury
residue on everything they touch
unwanted and unwarranted
they track along the scars left behind
those barely healed from the red phase
blue tears are often habit forming pastimes
shoehorning themselves into the spaces where
the light has begun to shine through
chasing away the recovered moments of normal
they crave medication
and feed on isolation
they are needy fellows
and linger haplessly
the phase of blue tears

marks a turn in the path
green tears are productive
rewards for growth
indicating better days
more steps forward than back
sometimes they smell sweet
and are infused with joy
and in an odd combination with happiness
tactile responses to finding a way back
not to where you came from
but to where you are mean to be
green tears have no shadows
the come from a different origins
they heal pain while documenting memories
new skill learnt
converting dark to light through green
not easily replicated
a new born foal on wobbly legs
they take time to master
forgiveness is possible with them engaged
the phase of green tears

so explains the colours in the *evolution of tears

“evolution of tears #5”  is the fifth part in the series of poetry and paintings
Journey of Days Jul 2017
born of blast furnace heat
swirling and shimmering
skies rained blood

earth sodden
enriched with grief
it seeps to transition

passage via roots
of long dead trees
leaching through depths

shredding and stripping
the substance of life
constituents left behind

now neophytes release
into the next phase
in the evolution of tears

“ *evolution of tears #3* ”  is the third part in the series of poetry and paintings
Journey of Days Jun 2017
foolish men  

cannot outrun


spawned of pride and arrogance

Journey of Days Jun 2017
Daedalus review your plans

these walls crumble

no longer holding

Journey of Days Jun 2017
explain how this continues

with all of the knowledge held

Journey of Days Jun 2017
imprinted on knees and hands

story of this scarred struggle

Journey of Days Jun 2017
the exits are not marked

finding the way by feeling

Journey of Days Jun 2017
explain how patterned stone
arrests the evil
seeking my destruction

Journey of Days Jun 2017
malevolent spirits have escape
the traps designed to bind them

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