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Katelyn Rew Mar 13
Trace my curves in charcoal,
Sketch my lines in lead,
Fill in all my shadows,
As I lie naked on this bed.
Warm my hues in pastels,
Draw in every part,
Adore me with your paint brush,
Turn my body into art.
Katelyn Rew Aug 2022
I dance out my anger in the name of the priestess,
draw in her power to extinguish my unrest.
I worship my body in a state of undress,
let my rage break free in radical protest.
I surrender myself to this sacred process,
stomping my feet like an unbridled tempest.
Katelyn Rew Aug 2022
We lay together in darkness as your hand trails down and rests between my thighs.
Your light caresses send me shivering into a world not entirely my own.
Your fingers dance in me, sliding through puddles, finding hidden doorways I'd thought long gone.
I brace your wrist, fingers encircle.
Don't stop. Never stop.
Katelyn Rew Aug 2021
I visited you today,
felt you crunch against my toes,
smelt you from a mile away,
heard you in your throes.

You covered me in wet kisses,
as I languished in your swell,
you promised me an ocean,
one you knew so well.

I took you in my mouth,
let you spill down my chin,
and as I walked away, I smiled,
knowing I could still taste you on my skin.
Katelyn Rew Jul 2018
I wrote your name on a piece of paper and buried it in the sand, for the ***** to nibble at your corners.
Katelyn Rew Mar 2018
My mind is a hall of mirrors reflecting only memories of you.

One day I'll smash them all into a billion pieces.

But for now I sit and watch while the tears steaming down my face slowly turn into shards of glass.
Katelyn Rew Jan 2018
As I drank myself into oblivion, the last thing I thought of as the liquor touched my lips, was you.
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