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Katelyn Rew Aug 12
I visited you today,
felt you crunch against my toes,
smelt you from a mile away,
heard you in your throes.

You covered me in wet kisses,
as I languished in your swell,
you promised me an ocean,
one you knew so well.

I took you in my mouth,
let you spill down my chin,
and as I walked away, I smiled,
knowing I could still taste you on my skin.
Katelyn Rew Jul 2018
I wrote your name on a piece of paper and buried it in the sand, for the ***** to nibble at your corners.
Katelyn Rew Mar 2018
My mind is a hall of mirrors reflecting only memories of you.

One day I'll smash them all into a billion pieces.

But for now I sit and watch while the tears steaming down my face slowly turn into shards of glass.
Katelyn Rew Jan 2018
As I drank myself into oblivion, the last thing I thought of as the liquor touched my lips, was you.
Katelyn Rew Nov 2017
I wish I’d kissed you in Paris. As we sat by the river, your breath brushed my skin making me shiver.

Calling you friend now instead of lover will never feel right, as our shoulders gently touched under the soft moon light.

And as we walked together along those cobbled streets, I couldn’t help but think of all those nights spent tangled between sheets.

Where we’d made love whilst staring into each others eyes, never once thinking there’d be a moment when we’d say our final goodbyes.  

Yet they do say all good things must come to an end. And the irony of being in the most romantic city with the man that I loved, is that I had to call him friend.

We got on the train both knowing our lives were again about to split in two, but I think you could see in my eyes that it would be and could only ever be you.

You told me you loved me as I stepped out the door, an echo of a sentence you’d said a thousand times before.

And as your train sped into the future, you were gone much too fast, but I stood on the platform still stuck in the past.
Katelyn Rew Sep 2017
Words silently slither through the slit of your smile,
as they strum my chest and turn into glass.
Katelyn Rew Aug 2017
Your words echo heartbeats long forgotten laying dormant in the recesses of my mind.

Do people ever come back from that long forgotten place where love goes to die?

I still think of you morning and night, night and day.

All the seconds and all the minutes in between consumed by you and only you.
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