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Marmaelady Aug 10
Our love is a rainbow
It becomes most visible
After the bluest of times
But not just the rainbow
Our love is also the rain
The snow
The wind
The sunshine
But it is ours and ours alone
Through the inevitability of change
Is its constancy
Just like the weather
And the sound of the pitter patters
Each drop of rain makes
On our forehead
The gush of wind blowing flowers
Off their branches for new ones to
The heat wave that singes through
All the masquerades we've built
The snow we haven't seen but felt
In a yearning to be warmed all over again
That is where our love lives.
That is where our love stays.

Constantly changing
Yet constantly the same.
They say seasons change, but isn't change constant?
Serene May 2
Life is ever changing
Evolving, shedding layers, growing
Seasons change and leaves fall
Turn to different shades
Plants constantly dying then being rebirthed
Desert land once desolate plots of dirt
Become lush vibrant fields between winter and spring
It’s the circle of life really
And it’s quite a beautiful thing to see
Maybe life’s only real constancy
Is the way it’s constantly changing
That you can count on the fact
That you can never truly know what tomorrow may bring
This lack of constancy, in and of itself is a constancy
It’s this contradictory consistent lack of consistency that keeps life interesting
Tommy Randell Jan 2019
I fell in love from afar not for me but for you
It seemed right, the best thing to do
And, we've gone on being the same closeness apart
To the beating rhythm of this yellow heart

"Everyone! Get yourselves a Yellow Heart
That burns like tallow in the cage of the dark."

It's been a metaphor for the Love between us
It's been my light when I've needed purpose
I've used it to sign off on screens filled with words
Like a silent full stop needing to be heard

"Everyone! Get yourselves a Yellow Heart
Carry it inside you like a work of art."

This yellow heart is an iconic thing
Kind of contradictory but still very living
Others may see it wanting it to be red but it's not
It won't be unpicked like some simple plot

"Everyone! Get yourselves a Yellow Heart
Golden like fire but joy like a spark"

It's a yellow heart for a very good reason
It represents what I happen to believe in
It's not about blood, and its not about passion
It's not a meme, or emoji, or a flake of fashion

It's just a note in a tune, a beat of the drum
A piece of the future to be relied upon
A measure of the nearness I set out to maintain
No matter how far life steered me away

"Everyone! Get yourselves a Yellow Heart
For any journey it's a good place to start."

I'll keep being in love. for me not for you
It seems still the best thing to do
And, we'll go on I guess being the same closeness apart
To the beating rhythm of this yellow heart.
Alaina Moore May 2019
Never feel like there is not
consistency in your life.
There will always be people
that disappoint you.
Rolling over you like
a gravel road.
They will be that wheel crushing you
into the stones.
"I don't need friends, they disappoint me"#RipVine
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Those meant for you
Will love you truly
Pray for you seriously    
Bare with you patiently
And believe you continuously.

Those meant for you
Will love you madly
Listen to you keenly
Advice you repeatedly
And love you unconditionally.

Those meant for you
Will love you faithfully
Fight for you furiously
Defend you fearlessly
And display you publicly.

Those Meant For You
Will love you blindly
Come to you hurriedly
Support you strongly
And work with you tirelessly.
What's yours is yours.
Colm Istoirm Dec 2017
For every tree unborn
For every stone unturned
For every page in every book
In every bindery which will burn
Quietly in the fires of industry  

There is death
And there is time
There is life
And there is change

And there's also the light between the leaves which fades
Until it is out of sight
And consumed by this
The lack of brightness within night

For just as acorn stems to tree
So also you will see your growth
As tall as ever it was meant to be

So you need not worry about such things
Because the ink is dry
The life is lived
And the only constancy is change
He is change if you think about it.
It hides itself
Better of late
That old companion
In my shadow
That perpetual  
Creeping malaise
Coiling inside my brain

Never springing
Only cr  e      e p             i n g




Logic and common sense.
A lord of fear
Undermining mental
Immune systems
Playing my emotions

Like a violin concerto–
Devil's chord

Out of tune socially    

But then I see her
In her vulnerable position
That sweet  

        Innocent child/woman
Who props up my remains
Who takes me back
To simpler times
And youthful joys

When the hooded cobra
Was in embryonic form.
This one constant in my life
Keeps the cobra at bay

But it waits just outside the camp
Taunting me
Whispering just low enough
So I can't make out what
It is saying.

But how can one make out hissing?!

When you were always told
That you are fine
Nothing's wrong
Maybe a little neurotic sometimes

What can you do
Be reduced to a catatonic state?
Where can you hide but in your shadow?

                --Daniel Irwin Tucker
That "child/woman" is my wife, my love, my soul mate of decades
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2014
Evergreen tree,
Burning red bushels
Of bark, branches open,
Cloud robed against, beyond
The mighty blue mountains,
Sage colour, rages of green,
Teems immortal as the sun,
Where great eagles landing
To nest in the towering
Chapel of a giant body
Adorn, what was always
Regal, everlasting, true,
Spiraling to the citadels
Of the swirling heavens
And even your crown,
A thrusting spire.
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2014
Snowy white and blue,
Mountains behind crow alone,
  .  .  .  Winter still appears.

— The End —