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Persephone Dec 2021
I think you do not realize that the childhood of the privileged does not make you richer with knowledge
- There are people far wealthier than the 1%
From kids who come from bad homes or have good reasons to hate where they came from, I find it's always the kids who come from good homes who are the first to argue how we shouldn't hate them. Even though we will never say anything about how they love their families unconditionally. This poem kind of represents that.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
If we are a free country why does everything cost so much?

Society will not help those stuck in a cycle of poverty

The many cannot help themselves

So poor stay poor and the rich keep expanding the size of their bank accounts

Cannot save the hungry or the homeless so we might as well save face

Mistaken for freedom is decision

We are given few choices to make us feel like we are in control but that power is just an illusion

It is a free country to the privileged and an imprisoned country to the impoverished
Just a few thoughts on America
JGLutes Aug 2019
All We Want Is Some Magic

there is this fantastical world
we create in our heads
when we see
something material
and lovely

a beautiful house
desirable car

or something like a beautiful house or desirable car

we fantasize

about how attractive
those people are
how wonderful
their children are

the elaborate vacations they take

they have a beautifully groomed dog
with the right name

tremendous parties
and they live carefree.

Shannon Butler Feb 2019
Quarter of a century down
Still trapped in the same old world
A world of part time jobs and no benefits
Of living with our parents
And hearing about millennial privilege.
The privilege of working our ***** off
And having nothing to show for it
The privilege of not going to the doctor
Because we can't afford to get sick
The privilege of hearing how we're killing industries
Because we've found better ways to spend our time
The privilege of knowing one in 3 of us has been molested in our lifetime
And knowing most of them don't believe us.
The privilege of participation awards
But knowing the difference between winning and dying
Because we can't afford basic medications
The privileges of being 25.
Lou Sep 2018
In an epidemic of black eyes
Cyclops people lose.

                                          A right
of passage into womanhood is


                                           A right
hook with a bow tie in the
                Vmiddle Knuckle.


From index to pinky
And all over her body.

Seeing this from one eye
Is the luck of having two.

"Thank you.", I say.

With half my mouth in silence
As muted screams escape the smothering hand that says LOVE.
This poem is about men who don't acknowledge the existence of abuse. Maybe even their contribution to it for ignoring it. The privilege of being a white man in a country that burns victims is incredibly frightening. Having accountability for your actions and checking others. Violence is everywhere .
Natassia Serviss Nov 2017
When I look upon my path
All I can see is light
I feel a beating in my chest
But it's never felt quite right
The sounds will echo in my hollow head
The sounds will remain until I'm dead
An opportunity to climb the ladder
A door opened with success in sight
My heart can't help but feel sadder
My lungs run out of air
The will to continue has always been my swear
But what can I do when my legs go numb
When the thought of being without makes me feel bare
My hands will sweat
My heart will race and in that moment I'll care
Still I won't know
And maybe I'll never feel what I've imagined
And maybe I'll remain too scared to tell what happened
I'm privileged
I'm supported
But that's not going to change it
That feeling of hatred
That inadequacy
I'll still feel like a ghost
I'll still feel wasted.
Those dreams of warmth
My dreams of hope
They leave a crack in me
They leave a hole of frost behind
I need that warmth
Because maybe in time I'll be less than anyone can see
That's not a promise or a threat
It's my prediction
It's my fear that I'll never forget
I was really focused on doing good then. Something I can still relate to. Written in 2013
Poetic T Aug 2017
Try it for a day...
people thinking
your white...
got it easy they say..

Fit in my shoes
where your words
never questioned...

But cos the shade or
lack of pigmentation.
I'm the one watching
wording even thought
you say its ok...

When I walk outside,
I'm like you human..
but you just see

What is that anyway..
I grew up poor like others
on my street where was
my privilege?
When four brothers had
just rice to eat...

Privilege is who ever
is up there
which ever pigment is
dominant becomes
the privileged one there...

Try being me for a moment
see through my eyes.
I'm not privileged
working my **** off
to where I am today...

It would be a
if we all walked in
others shoes
to see the grass isn't
always greener
on the other side of the fence..

What's that I hear you say..
privileged.. be me for a day..
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