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Killan Sep 16
They will tell what they see
but it's not the real story
things are better off unsaid
for im a lier in bed
revising the stories in my head
to make them believe of the things I've said
for what I said will be the truth
and the truth will be the lie
Looking back on what I'd
call my living years I lost a childhood  to abuse that till the age 42 when I met Helen and began to live she gave
me a

For those 42 years I always
consider I never lived for these were my wilderness years because of my mother abuse forced to the life a lonner

That was till the day I met Helen this girl who turned my life around Breathed confidence Into me a feeling of belonging that I'd never had before a new

At 42 years old I was starting to live mother long gone before she passed she appolagised for the beatings
I took she said she was

But never an answer as to why I was treated that way
and that I probably never will know but Helen had saved ne by putting her trust
In me for I never let her down

Nearly 2 years since Helen
been gone for Heaven had decided they'd take her
away I'm not a none believer
but don't believe In churches and
dog collierd priest they do nothing for me In the summer  I'm troubled 
from preacher at my door
so I wrote a note for my door that simply
"God Doesn't
Live Here Anymore Since He Took My Wife" since doing so
I have had no religious caller at my door perticulary JW
I cannot stand they trying buy a ticket to
They say our body is compiled of 60% water, and everyone runs around preaching self care but my glass is metaphorically full but physically empty.
I can’t stomach another drink and I’m starting to to feel like I’m drowning.
I’m overflowing from the inside out.
I'm sick of people complaining.
I'm sick of feminism,
equality and freedom.
I hate the human quest for perfection.
I'm sick of being human,
I'm sick of people drinking,
Sharing on social medias,
I'm sick of drugs, cigarettes and Facebook.
I'm tired of Twitter.

I hate being in debt,
I hate being in love,
I'm tired of falling,
In love.

I hate socializing,
I'm tired of humans,
Not caring,
of anything but being humans.
I'm tired of people,
Preaching about genders,
When our world is crying,
Screaming for help.

Forget the genders,
Forget the likes,
You will never look great,
While the only thing we have in common,
Is out mother,
Mother Earth.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
It’s your own book
But you don’t toe the line!
You ignore your own religion
But demand to control mine!
You deserve no credit
As far as I can see
Except that you excel
In blatant hypocrisy!

You wave your flags
And lionize the Old South
With things Jesus never said
Coming out of your mouth.
It’s almost like your mind
Is now permanently delirious,
Though you still demand that we
Should all take you serious.

Just like a guy in the local park
That seemed to suffer a mental pox,
The difference is, unlike that man
You don’t stand on any soapbox.
But both of you babble constantly
With precisely the same vanity
That the madness you spew
Should be accepted as sanity.

Neither of you care to understand
That spreading untruths can destroy
The wisdom of experience we have.
It blinds people to the precious joy
Of sharing love for love’s own sake;
Accepting people as blessed as you,
And as deserving of your good wishes,
Hoping their best dreams come true.
Brenda Mukisa Mar 2018
They say that bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
that all are beautiful and lovable...

Everyone has a different character too...
why don't we try to love and understand them all.

Change in any way,
means denying ones true self.

Just because you're different, doesn't mean you're all bad.
people always want one to act a given way in order to fit in or be considered mannered in the process we force people to change themselves and forget that everyone can be lovable the way they are.
Elise Jackson Aug 2017
it's funny how you preach, scream, riot about keeping the peace, but when it's your turn to keep the peace, you keep a grudge instead.
Sy Lilang Feb 2016
"All of your disobedience to God is your obedience to Satan."
*- Pastor Ancho Buenaventura
Mark Lecuona Jan 2016
Who could take me seriously
When I have never lost my pride
Never felt hunger
Never feared for my children
Not like they have
But if I hold your hand
And you hold his
And he holds hers
Until we hold the hand of tears
Where the river begins
Then we will be together
And I will be able to speak
Screams of anguish
Because then you will know
That when I speak it is not for me
But instead it is for them
For I do not have to suffer to cry
And I do not have to live like them
To die in shame
Because I was unable to carry them
Or make you believe in them
Like God does
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