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Knit Personality Jul 2018
He spins around &
keeps on spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
spinning & spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
then he vomits while
spinning & spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
spinning & spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
then he falls down.

Destiny C Jul 2018
This liquid numbs my soul.
It gives me strength in its content , as
I no longer have any.
It's strong burn down my throat
allows for me to feel something.
No need to chase a welcomed guest.
I'm afraid to feel-
so I mask.

in pulls
in shots
in any form I can have it.

The inebriation is euphoric.
Unlike any other feeling ,
This liquid numbs my soul .

There are many things I drink to achieve this state of inebriation.
The strongest liquor of them all-
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
An act,
Of contrition,
Or  an act of mercy,
Nothing that man now knows,
Will have him recall how he felt,
Before he became inebriated.

K Balachandran Jan 2016
After dark, energies flow in manners that pleases them most
braided together in lust, two king cobras were seen spiraling up
when darkness like a camouflage sets in thickly around,you're
the  marijuana of my mind, seeking far horizons of pleasure.
I willingly seek oblivion, when pink pointed goosebumps
like tarantula's love bites, results of mating time cruelty
infest all over my body's landscape, signatures of ecstasy.

I feel your lips become, moist, soft, honey from each drips
never enough,for me, is it possible to get inebriated more?
Your sighs and moans speak the vocabulary of a forgotten
ancient language love hurriedly resurrected for us from past,
brevity is the crux of that lingo of erupting jets of desire,
it teaches you to moan in fifty different tones in all;even more?

Your sharpened nails etch cave murals on my itching back
that has the searing taste of blood, in hot hot chilly red.
my taste buds of lust, begs for more and more of it.
You are the marijuana fueling my narcotic flights that land
in your misty land, enveloping my senses as a whole.
"The night is still young, hear what the darkness whispers"
I hear you speak like an oracle, on things about to happen.
DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2015
You're my drug fueled fantasy
And all i want is you to dance with me
I'm never coming down
Rather overdose than have a peak
Will you intravenously love me for the right price?
I need your high tonight.
And i just might do anything to feel your bite
Roberta Day May 2015
Been forgetting to
make a weekly haiku since
getting drunk a lot.
Roberta Day Oct 2014
Sugar free
take a sip of me
for the last week
is the last week
I’ve decided to care
about you or me
or anything we perceive
that’s right, it’s over
It’s All Over
or is soon set to be
as far as you’re concerned—
I’m not. I’ve concluded
we’re all damaged goods
we’re all in over our heads
we’re all unrealistic dreamers
we’re all toxic fumes, killing ourselves
slowly and everyone else with every breath
Balance is necessary but in which department
I forget—-thus is the reason I am still who I was
and cannot proceed to find this “love”
Roberta Day May 2014
Drinking alone can make for good conversation
New things are learned, said or inferred
Who am I speaking to
     and am I heard?
Nature’s beauties surround me
and I’ve killed with neglect
but always aware
   My lips tingle and my tongue
writhes, my body breathes in
the expulsion of shelved speakers
and my membranes arouse
because I’m redirected to you
   Always to you;
I’d like to hear your voice
but I predict you won’t answer if I call
Following through will result in disappointment
I expected, so why bother?
Predetermination — a convoluted structure
that remains the source of my reflection
   And misdirection
There was a rush of
thoughts like rapid waters
straight to my skull, cracking
  my will to break like a dam
bursting forth with so much emotion
you will drown in it, even if
you hold your breath to infinity
Kiiinda drunk.
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