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Arawyn Dec 3
I think we thrive off denial.
Not taking the blame,
Thinking it was some other reason, ‘It was definitely not love’.
Or was it?
Were the kisses and hugs real?
Or was it just ***?
No, I think it was love.
We shouldn’t blame the sorrow we feel on excuses.
You can love someone and not be meant for them.
‘Yes I loved him, but we were not made for each others happiness’.
I still love him.
Arawyn Nov 19
We look at each other,
Eyes meet each other's souls,
Not saying anything but speaking louder than ever before.
“Why do you love me?” I say,
Tears flooding down my cheek.
“Because love is inevitable.”,
It was then I realised being stuck in this labyrinth of love,
Is worse than being trapped in my mind.
I want to go, I want to stay.
Arawyn Nov 17
I am in love.
I say with confidence, no shame to be thought.
A young love, full of passion and warmth, heating me during the blizzard.
I am in love.
People will think and say what they please. About how love isn’t real,
How I am too young to know,
But I will always stand strong.
Looking at them with a smile, pitting how sad they must be to think that love,
Is just a cold myth.
And yet, it still bothers me...
Arawyn Nov 15
I am in love with an alien.
Something not earthly,
Sent down from Mars,
To capture my soul.
You have it.
Are you real?
Arawyn Nov 15
I stare, not able to look away,
Glued to the small circle.
"What?" he asks,
"Nothing" I reply., "Your eyes are just beautiful."
Now there is much more I can say,
How my whole life I have been waiting for those eyes,
How nothing but your soul makes me happier than they do.
Or how all eyes now seem dull and lifeless, except yours.
They're mot blue or colour but an emotion of love and sadness.
"Your eyes are blue" I whisper.
Can't look away.
Arawyn Nov 15
I used to write poems, about how there is no love,
(no love for me at the least).
Not understanding my purpose,
Or the true meaning to love someone.
But then it was as if,
This angel came down and floated onto my path that I then realised, My hope was not fake.
I met someone,
Who's soul was as damaged as mine but also as pure.
The love I feel is this incredible silence.
It's not loud like the others,
Peacefully saying more than any of them could.  
I now thank myself,
For having hope,
Not giving up.
It's different now.
Arawyn Nov 15
For death,
I'm not scared.
Take me in your hands where the air is still and peaceful,
I am not afraid.
Am I really that mad to think you love me?
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