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Neo Feb 14
I'm crawling on the edge of this chasm
Right along the brink of abyss
Spiraling down a void
Even light cant escape

Who Am I?
Neo Feb 7
Pain turns to resentment when it comes to affection
Neo Feb 7
Optimists are doomed to the fate of cynics
Neo Feb 7
When you're walking down the road again
its cold and you're in your head
and you wonder where are your friends
cause all you know is sad

You look in your eyes and see reflections of your soul
Devils 'guised and angels peeking out the corners of a smile

Blue burns hottest
The colors of despair

So you stay up nights and get lost in the lights
while you wonder what life really means

Do you even realize when you cant see?
The emotions trick our mentality
And blindness is still blindness when your blind to reality
Neo Feb 7
I must've picked them up one day
Insipid in their grandeur ways
And I looked through shaded lenses that washed the colors away.

So I lit a flame
and sparked a wick
to the ticky time bomb
of my final judgement

And there I sat
facing the facts
of who I've become
and where I'm at

Now, Embers crawl before flames dance
Just as madness is an avalanche

Becoming closer with the phone in my hand
All the platforms of make-believe lands
wearing my heart on my face
More disheveled everyday

What more to say than we're moving in place

either that or back

The circles we're caught in are the purest of black
Weaving voids where lights are trapped
And there's nothing left but grey

all I need

Is someone to take the lenses away.
  Feb 7 Neo
Caitlyn Fletcher
I spend too many nights thinking
Wondering, writing, dreaming
Of someone who doesn't even think of me
Neo Feb 7
I drain you of your life and blood
I drain you of all that is good
I drain you and you don't even know
Maybe its me that needs to go
Maybe its you but we'll never know

It didn't start this way
I was one of you
Healthy and free to do what I want to do
A boy as wild as his dreams would take him
Ambition and compassion would only inflate them

But then...

The boy who flew
He lost his way
he lost his mind
His ambition and compassion drained.

Its funny
We circle back to the same old **** about growing up
It seems we don't know enough
and never did

Little did I ever realize
Our parents are just as much kids at the end of the day
Only their ambition and compassion is drained.
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