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Yudoni Oct 2019
I found out something true,
there's some things I would rather not do
but when they happen whoopty doo,
******* happy and all is good ,
Yudoni Oct 2019
There might be sharp tongues, not quite agreeable,
some don't want to hear it in the future foreseeable,
those people's feather's get ruffled like that of a bird,
and think to speak freely, is offensive and absurd,
those people who's knickers are in a twist,
want to pretend conflict doesn't exist,
want to restrain people's thoughts and feelings,
subdue what no longer needs concealing
Yudoni Jan 2019
'Food, *** should I eat?'
'Forks over knives' says not meat,
Animals are beautiful,
They deserve better,
We keep on eating,
Eyes no wetter.
We have the power to be the protector's, the carers,
Instead we're the eaters, the dissecters, the wearer's.
If they could talk and understand they'd say "Beware,
They just want your flesh, your skin and your hair,
They want to to take your children, sisters and brothers,
They want to drink your milk even though you're not their mothers,
They **** all things instead of just one breed,
It's not for survival, it's for pleasure and greed,
They take what they want and not what they need,
They lost the power to sow and grow the seed.
Animals" they'd say "let all us be free,
From the humans without humanity,
Let's live outdoors in the nature of this planet,
Let forest grow over and through all the granite".
But they do not say this because they fear or trust,
They don't have a choice, they do what they must,
To appease the people who say there's plenty more,
The rate of deaths is higher than ever before,
Love and protect some, but others "aren't" the same,
If we have enough then eat, ****, hunt for game,
We say we love animals, it's a lie and shame,
We try to save the Earth and we're the ones to blame.
Yudoni Apr 2018
It's alright, like actually alright,
Take a break from the mthrfkn fight,
Take a breathe, deep, that's right,
The world may try with all its might,
The present, your knowledge, blinds your sight,
Rest your heart, let your mind be light,
Don't take it to heart or it will begin a chain of *****,
Everyone's different, been through different ****,
With different stories, insights and secrets.
It's actually fine, just breathe, focus on your breathing and stare at something small. Like your fingerprints.
Yudoni Apr 2018
Man it's a lot of ****,
Analysing, brain frying,
Patronising, always trying,
They disguising, people dying,
Thrown in head first,
Shown how to make it worse,
Suppressed till you gonna burst,
Can't express except through verse.
Powerful men, we can't stop them,
They fight the problem with the problem,
We just ignore it, say '**** it, sod them',
Told what is yours, what you need,
Told off if you don't pay to feed,
Can't find some land, plant some seeds,
Cause its all owned by some man's greed,
I'm still happy, roof above me, food in my belly,
But I can see its all just money,
I just want a garden and a stream,
One day I'll live my own dream. (2/3/2018)
What a world
Yudoni Apr 2018
Our words pass each other by,
We speak of the day, not of you and I,
Oh my I'd love to share with you,
All that I am, what I want to do,
Yeah my love don't say it isn't true,
I just want the best for you and me too.

Now leave, get on,
I know it's what you want,
I'll see you in a mo,
Maybe not tomorrow,
But together we'll stand,
On the sand of the new land.
Yudoni Apr 2018
A sight to behold, the last story to be told, the world collides with another, to embrace his long-lost brother, as the grass breaks through the granite, in the sky will be the stars and planets, the beasts and creatures will survive, in the greatest Era of being alive, the Andromeda galaxy did collide, bringing new life right by our side, we may have died or be old, what a sight to behold.
My dad said this would happen and he said it would be the best time to be alive :)
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