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Maria Mitea Aug 2020
O,mega love on the spot,
I loved it in school,
and I loved it later        
down on the scholastic path.

When everyone in the class adored alpha
I devoted my time to the latest, called by some the ultimate limit and by others
the resistance sign.

The first on the moon
Watch - ing NASA
And keeping the time of
Royal Forces Flying,
When worn by code
007 in “no time to die”

O, mega
Resistance sign,
Was that a mistake
In the Greek alphabet,

Are you always talking to me in your own language,
the universe always whirred back to me using you?
PrttyBrd Oct 2018
Millenia a moment
wishes on all the starfish in the ocean
wouldn't make Wilcox happy in love

Indivisible divisions
infinite wisdom where math and science
will never meet God

Did science create a universe or simply define it?
Where beginning meets end in pinpoints of minutia
that by definition and design will never actually meet

Cradle me in your arms for nanoseconds
each holding an eternity
If only time could be held by more than mere memory

Maybe, everything until the now that is never the now
can touch a moment
that can never be broken into its smallest parts
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
I’m looking out on the road the sky is bright the wind is cold.
The wind my element it blows so hard, the sheer force of the world is felt in this air.
I feel the life being ****** out and then in to my body at the same time such a beautiful sensation.
This is the sensation right before you begin the Great Work when you feel the energy of the universe.
The energy just whirling around in circles the path of lapis ruber or another path.

But my journey if not for lapis philosophorum my journey is for blank, my mind is not for anything.
The journey I travel is not for life it is not for death this journey is not for a **** thing in existence.
My journey is for something much more what it is only one on the road will understand.
So when I feel the wind blowing I ask myself is it time for me to move? Is it time to start?
I am going to the center of the sun what will I do now that I’ve taken the first step has it all begun?

It is not possible to turn back not in this particular journey.
In this journey once you take a step, the platform you were walking on before is completely destroyed.
It is swallowed up in the sea of what, the platform is consumed in the place of never-ending nothingness.
Really it is not a place, it is swallowed in the void, so you can’t turn around even if you will it.

Now I as I walk this path I sit here and I see the star, on it are five points.
The five points of the star are all looking at me I just wonder if the look is inverted or upright.
If it is observing me inverted what will I do? If it is watching me uprightly what can I do?
These questions are both the same but which way is the star observing me.
I couldn’t give a **** either way, but at certain points it seems I would give a ****, now why is that?

See I’m on a spiraling path of this something, and it’s becoming clear, it’s not that I’m stepping forward.
In this journey I am not stepping forward I am not stepping backwards I am doing much more.
But I am stepping.
That’s the beauty of this journey where time ceases to exist.
It’s because at the end of this journey I might have explored the universe in its entirety.
I may have went to the edge of this universe of motion and jumped off the edge.
I would have slipped through the corners barely escaping the hound dogs of the barrier.
And after facing the eternal beasts, I would have ended up back inside of the universe.
It’s funny because after this timeless journey, I may have gained so much and time will have certainly passed.

est ruber in terra, populous non est faciem in principia pater sol regnat
in terra humanos est regnant.
deus sol non est in oceanaia luna non est in caelum nocte quam quam non lux.
non lux quam quam sol non est regnat.
hominis the rise of the moon is so great that the light of the sun can be overtake.
But the light of the moon come from the light of the sun there is nothing else that can actually and truly be done.
What to be done is what to be given to all who want to go forward in the way of life.
The path of love and the path of light leads to the same sources it is up to one of us to decide which one will be our tool. Back to what I was talking about the sand was awesome.
The alpha and the omega a rise of the sun and the fall of the moon also rise of the moon and the fall of the sun.
Will you know the meaning of the magus order
Cat Lynn System Nov 2017
There he is, my little baby boy, his fluffy ginger fur spiked out in all directions.

His eyes, like coco powder surrounding a drop of pure vanilla. They are so big and heart catching I have to mention.

His spiraled tail laid over his back and spread out like a fire work. Curly and a sandy color, it stands out against his Gingerbread coat.

His tiny, dainty, quick moving paws always in a scurry as he races to his little window, barking in a  high pitch squeal, his spirit always in a float.

His fur flows in a fluffy rustle when he stands outside to strut his pride, his little mocha mountain peaks alert and doesn't miss a single action.

He walks like the world revolves around him, he runs for nothing but his own fancy desires, He flaunts his cute looks, with the sway of his tail and barks at other dogs just to get a good reaction.

His white furred lips speak of whimpers and pleads to me whenever I'm down,  He lays over my arms when I type, sick of not being the center of attention.

He allows his two back legs to fly behind him when he kicks in demand. He bangs his two front paws to the ground when he's frustration for not getting his way. There's too much tension.

I can't help but to laugh at the pathetic adorable soul! Thinking he can live his spoiled "perfect" worry-free life forever.

But even the greatest break, people wear a mask, and so do dogs! He pretends he doesn't need any body. He think's he's so clever!

Behind that perfectly circular face of fluff and eye seeking attention, is a heart of fear... There is no drop of bravery within him...

As his mother, as his human, as his owner I feel his fear, for we both fear the same thing... The higher authority, our changes to them are dim...

When he is around them, his tail hangs low to hide it's spark, his shiny wondering eyes look down in shame of his small size and courage.

His mountain peeks collide in an avalanche. They lay back and hide their mighty heights. His hopefulness for joy could not flourish...

His eyes water up like a river from a down pour... have you ever seen tears pour from a dogs eyes at a constant rate? I have...

His pride as an Alpha was only an act, his true identity is all omega, his mind and heart have been split into halves...

He's high pitch but low noted howl does not ring when he is in the state of depression as omega. He instead taps his two little light paws against my chair as I sit...

I look down and sadly sometimes I ignore him. My mind already in a struggle. But the little one is wise as well. He'll kick his back legs and howl to catch my attention and throw a fit!

He knows I need his little fluffy sweet comfort, and he needs my warm embrace and my soft lap.

The only time he always look so content and happy is when I hold the little dear and he purposely falls backwards so I may hold him like a baby, an opportunity I have to grab

He has a big smile on his soft furry face, his eyes pleasantly closing, his body pliable and limb.

You would think he was fake by the peaceful contentment on his face, his little black paws up in the air, so many adore him

Only because of his physical appearance, not because of the longing to change sweet hearted Pomeranian from within

When I set him down, the peace instantly breaks, his happiness is shattered, his nose sniffing up at me in disbelief, he needs thicker skin.

Munchkin... you had two owners before us, the first one threw you out of the car in front of a pet store...

The other locked you up in your cage for too many helpless countless hours... you remember this for sure.

The Lord is merciful... for we have came to the rescue, your soul is now being built back up... we promise we won't abandon you. I won't abandon you...

If only you knew how the Lord has used you in my life... The blessing you have been. This owner ship refuses to move.

You are my sweet Pomeranian Munchkin... and I am your owner
Have No Fear Little Fluff.. Have No Fear  

*I love you <3
Thank you Lord for using Munchkin to teach me to control my anger, to train me for the future, for being such a loving comfort, for the bond me and my little boy share, and for using him to open my eyes more to your mercy's and abundant grace.  I know I don't deserve anything  at all. Praise You Lord.
ShowYouLove Sep 2017
You Oh Lord are the Alpha and the Omega
You Oh Lord are the beginning and the end
You Oh Lord are the counselor and healer
You Oh Lord bring us here and now you send
You Oh Lord are the word and the light
You Oh Lord are God of the day and the night
You Oh Lord are the wind and the rain
You Oh Lord are God of my joy and my pain
You Oh Lord are present here and now
You Oh Lord give me the strength to stand and to bow
You Oh Lord are God of my life and my death
You Oh Lord allow me to take my next breath
You Oh Lord are the life blood that flows
You Oh Lord stir a fire that grows
You Oh Lord are my rock and stronghold
You Oh Lord are the anchor to which I hold
You Oh Lord are my Shepherd my Master
You Oh Lord make my heart beat faster
You Oh Lord hold me in your hand
You Oh Lord are firm footing in shifting sand
You Oh Lord are my peace and provision
You Oh Lord help me make a good decision
You Oh Lord help make me complete
You Oh Lord have made me a seat
You Oh Lord are good when I am not
You Oh Lord love me a lot
You Oh Lord are the reason I get out of bed
You Oh Lord are where I lay my head
You Oh Lord are knocking at my heart
You Oh Lord love my every part
You Oh Lord of my good, bad, and fair
You Oh Lord are inescapable, you are everywhere
You Oh Lord love me even when I fall and sin
You Oh Lord you come running to take me back in
You Oh Lord are my shield and my sword
You are my Savior my King and my Lord
Cat Lynn System Sep 2017
A young prince was born, in a liter of many puppies
He was a triplet of two sisters, but he was a different out of all the babies

The omega was his place, no one ever expected any bravery to be gained
He was afraid even of the smallest frailest creature. Fear was around his neck like a chain

One of his closest triplet, Princess had gone away, for she was a warrior now, strong and proud
While her brother remained on the sidelines, behind the  cheering crowds

The one that never left his side was the second sister, who was an Angel of Fire
A Fighter of beauty and demand. She was the alpha, and she flaunted her desires.

Terrified he was towards the world that seems gigantic and impossible to understand.
His Angel sister was his guardian, she helped him to conquer the land

His hunger grew wild, his  desires flew fast.
He became the strongest one, the bravest pup of the pack

His soul was loyal to his family around him,
He always gave kisses, his love was never trimmed

Until one day, He went out for the first time alone,
He saw the gate opened that led to an empty road!

His burst of joy took over as his father barked in fear and warning
He stopped and turned around, but suddenly, he felt his paws shaking.

His ******* marble eyes looked up, there was no mercy as the car crashed against his skull
His uncle, mother, sister, and father rushed to him, watching his dying body fall

His tail wagged in discomfort as he gave a final kiss
Knowing that his time has finally ended, everyone around him was his bliss.

His whimpering cries slowly came to an end
This was the end of a Prince. The Prince, my old loyal friend.
Prince was a dog I used to train and take care of, he was the least expected to run out into the street. Now my old buddy is gone. R.I.P Buddy.
Isabella Soledad May 2017
You submit to your master
As I fight to become alpha
Twas neither you nor I
but a third-person perspective
writing words
who's stories
told his worries
enfolded upon a digital medium.

Tell me, does information wants to be free,
Would the law of entropy will it to be,
Are these things not contingent but necessary?
Even stars
must die.
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