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Gabe Feb 26
All I see is fog right in front of me
I can't see anything clearly enough
to distinct one thing from another

Maybe it is suppose to be like that
We've learned from a very young age
to call things by their name

But sometimes it's something
they don't have
What are we suppose to do then?

I guess just let them be
Simple as that
Gabe Dec 2021
Give me something I can hold onto
that you stay
Give me something hopeful
that we last
It is difficult, it is scary
But it's something we live for
It's something we'd **** for

Life is full of obstacles to overcome
it's full of hardships
But there's something beautiful about this
and ultimately
at the end of the day
Gabe Jun 2021
Running around
with a childish smile
discovering the surroundings
A little girl
and her innocence
are those which many find
incredibly delighting
After years and years
of uncontrollable curiosity
her innocence
is distant
as it seems to fade away
uncaptured by the very glance
of her pure eyes
Gabe Jun 2021
I crave love,
a gentle touch,
a stare full of emotion
I crave passion and
depth and fire
I crave an honest feeling
and haven't found it
It is so absorbing that
I can't think straight
My mind is preoccupied
with a craving of love
Gabe Mar 2021
There was a girl
She had everything she wanted
She had
a lot of friends
a job she liked
a happy relationship
And no worries
It felt surreal
It felt like a dream
It was
Hearing a 6 am alarm clock
Getting back to reality
full of obstacles, problems, worries
and responsibilities
She crawled out of bed
And began her day-to-day encounter
with life
Good luck
Gabe Dec 2020
This little creature,
that feels and thinks, is a bit of a mystery.
Doesn't say a lot.
Doesn't say much.
Doesn't say anything.
But I can see everything in his eyes,
whether he is happy or sad
whether he is excited or languorous.
His eyes are the window into his soul.
Gabe Oct 2020
Men in power once thougt
to make decisions about women's bodies
without comprehension of such aberration of human rights
Once you **** women off, better run.

Lions in nature
They fight for themselves and their cognates.
So beware of their anger
Once you **** women off, better run.

Those beautiful, mistakenly considered fragile
creatures are ready to sacrifice the universe
To protect their families
Thus why to test their patience and persistence?
I'm from Poland and recently the government has outlawed abortion due to feutal defects and as a woman I cannot agree to that
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