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Gabe Mar 16
Once upon a time
sun was shining, birds were singing
It felt jovial, reckless, carefree
One day all of the clouds
covered the sun and the sky
and everything became colourless
The world changed, the surroundings and me
So many worries took over me
and I turned into someone new
It is impossible to find the way
But it is possible to make
use of what you already have
And one day sun came back
and the birds singing all over again
A life-changing lesson
Gabe Feb 25
My identity is unknown to me
as all the world's secrets
I'm wondering what my purpose is,
what my passion is
And still looking for it
Feeling stuck
Feeling like I don't belong anywhere
Being by myself
fighting with my own thoughts
What the hell is going on?
Gabe Feb 21
Where are you?
That is the question
I ask myself everyday
You disappeared
But I still hope
you will occur one day
And there is no certainty
But yet
hope dies last
Gabe Feb 19
I really like looking at you
Your face makes me
blushing and smiling like
a fool
Maybe I am a fool,
fool for you
Your eyes...
Oh my lord
Beautiful greeny colour of your eyes
makes me melted
and your stare kills me
Because it might never notice me
Gabe Feb 18
I feel trapped
Like there is something
that makes me drowning
and I can't get away
I just keep drowning

— The End —