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Buddy T Apr 2017
my life has been the same
up till now
for 7 years

same world
same place
same friends

but you came into my life
or I came into you life
or both

and for the next 4 months
I changed
because of you and her and her

but 4 months come and go
and you come and go
but my heart still races

it's been a year
I've changed
I've grown

but, inside
i still think about you
do you think about me

a new life
with new friends
same old same old
Middle of nowhere,
she was drowning,
submerged in sea water,
near the shore,
feeling free and light,
making a wakeup call.

She never thought,
her end would be so soon,
Smiling at memory,
of her friends from childhood,
face after face,
playing like vedio of smiles.

She never knew,
how to miss someone,
someone that could,
bring her back to land,
land was something,
she really missed now.

slowly slipping of soul,
soul that was gift to her from god,
god! was something,
that never she believed on,
feeling of heat was now,
but it was too long.

She first time saw,
what her rude mom feels,
how sorry she was,
hating dutiful mom was rotten,
rotten were dream,
modeling was what she want.

standing beside past,
past was a minute ago,
minutes that she had,
had lashes waiting in hell,
hell was what she deserved,
right now everything she loved.

hard it was becoming to breathe,
souls don't need those,
those were moment realized,
their was ticking of clock,
then she suddenly woke.
summer Apr 2017
I was about to give up,
But then he loved me,
and kissed me,
and i saw the stars for what they were,
and not what wanted them to be; wishes.

I think i finally know what i want,
and i'm afraid to tell him,
but i know he wants the same thing,
an easy and simple forever,
he is the reason why i am still living; a survivor.

to get past the anxiety,
to get past the depression that consumes me,
to stop finding ways to blame myself,
and hurting myself because i was too weak,
he made me see the beauty in things; in our faults.

and i love him,
soo deeply,
soo wholly,
soo purely,
i love him more than i have ever loved and it feels good.

because i'm not afraid anymore
Isabelle Apr 2017
Trying to fit in?
I always dreaded that feeling
But then, as they say, change is inevitable
I have to accept it like I don't have a choice at all

So yeah, I will definitely try
Not to fit in the mold
But to keep my shape and smile
Just be myself and be bold
Entry for day 6. An old piece which I revised just now.
When I started to work, every aspect of my life was affected, but didn't totally changed. Change is.. such a big word.
TS Apr 2017
To be healthy and care free is a burden to most folk, but to some being healthy and able to achieve and live is but life's greatest gift. Struggles come and go, but declining health at a young age is a sad ultimatum. Through this strength is found, but pain is always around.
Lydia Apr 2017
I wanted my body back
It seemed impossible
It seemed like I left my body at the hospital when I was seven
Back when I was friends with the ER nurses
I gave it to them as a gift
The only offering I had at the time-
Probably the only offering I have now-
I was just a little kid
But I'm not anymore
I somehow grew up without my body
As if my body were a metaphor not important to the story
But that's not how this story ends

I woke up a few weeks ago and ran before classes
It took me twelve minutes to run a mile, I was dripping sweat and I couldn't breathe
But for the first time, I trusted my feet to hit the ground
I trusted myself to make it home with my own legs
I wanted my body back, so I took it,
Just a few feet at a time
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2017
*The mind awakens
Light of meditation shines
Sun on the water
The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
A new born to some years old
Cute, happy and smiling soul
Words weren't a need at all
No complaints or demands I recall

I don't know what and how I thought
I don't know if I cared or not
But as I learned understanding what people said
I started confusing myself in my head

Listening and talking the talks, I learnt
Thinking weird things, do's and don'ts
Restless my mind
Never ending my thoughts
Shame on this mind
For not understanding
The understanding disease I'd caught

All began unraveling with what people said
And the talks in this mind that stayed
Sowed the very first of them in the mind
To reap every word and it's kinds

It did reap
I enjoyed listening a lot
I enjoyed blabbering words
I enjoyed thinking the thoughts

But what it reaped
Ripped my peace of mind
When I try to keep it quiet
I feel
The peace....
Peacefully died!
It was always the lies
He told them to me with a rose and stabbed me with the thorns from behind
I was his possession
Not a thought of running away could save me from his side
I was always alone
Without a song in my heart in a false mess I could deny
I was broken
I was weak
Then this person was sent to me somehow somewhere like an angel from the sky
He changed me
For good
I learnt I was worth more than what lay naked before his eyes
I got out
I got free
It hurt me
But I won't cry
Because the love I feel for myself now was worth living through those lies
Once we were agents of peace and prosperity
Using Nature's gifts for love and harmony
We always heal and never hurt
For we bring healing and love into this earth

We always lived without insecurity
Never in our minds came rebelry
For we live as good as we can be
And never thread the path to obscurity

But once we were also set aflame
By merciless acts to us, our great shame
The ****** of someone we love
Or the theft of precious things we did have

An infamous thing done to us
A dangerous thing came crashing fast
Scars began to form in body and soul
Reminding us of things most foul

The jilting of a sweet lovely human
The genocide done by something inhuman
The taking of an artifact we kept and protected
The petty tricks of humans, we are abused and molested

Now we cry in despair for the Dark
A last resort for the Pain and Mark
A deadly art we dared trespass
For we crave vengeance and execute it we must

For love and redemption
Evil actions of our own volition
Lost in the embrace of Oblivion
The last move we have in Preparation
This is an excerpt from my short story Deadly Nightshade (unpublished) that I had entered in our school contest. It talks about a witch named Cataleya, who lost it all when other humans ravaged her village and this are her reasons on why she became Belladona. It talks much of how people change when set aflame by actions of others. Some of these are the reasons why we go cold on other people and seek vengeance (which I do not advocate) for our own redemption.
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