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  May 2017 summer
storm siren
I love you so much.

More than the moon and stars.

I love you so much,
That I would lock myself away forever
If it meant you were finally given some type of peace.

I love you so much,
That I would anxiously give away
All the scars and memories I have
That I'm so twistedly proud of,
If it meant you could be happy.

I love you so much.
You are the air I need to breathe.
But I would gladly
Die of asphyxiation and oxygen deprivation
If it meant you were safe.
If it meant you could be okay.

I love you so, so, so much.

And I know it doesn't mean much,
But I am going to keep my promises,
Even if they're already broken.
I'm going to fix this, us.

I love you so much.
Though I understand if you don't believe me.

I mean, how could you believe that someone
Loves you
When all they seem to do is leave?

I want to tell you that I know that I wouldn't be able to believe that either.

But what you need to know is that I already don't.
(The last line isn't "I already don't" as in I do not love this person. It is "I already don't" as in there is someone else in my life that has constantly tried to leave me, that I do not believe loves me truly.)
summer May 2017
She sat on the 3 seat couch alone,
drink in hand and looking pretty.
Her mind somewhere else,
her foot tapping to the music.
Her glass was already 3/4th's gone,
and she only just got a refill.

As someone walks by,
she looks up and smile.
Trying to keep small conversation.
trying to hold herself together.
Fighting the tears behind her eyes
the pain of needing to let go.

But it's okay,
she is pretty and not at all in pain.
Her hair and makeup are perfect,
no indication that she wants to die.
So she downs the rest of her drink,
and sadly goes in to refill.

All this alcohol and it does nothing,
no numbness at all.
Only hazy thoughts bouncing back to you,
only you and always you.
She goes back to her couch and pulls herself together,
because girls like her aren't suppose to want to **** themselves.
  May 2017 summer
Arlo Disarray
Strip me down
to my bones,
and tell me
that you love me

It can be a lie,
I just need
to hear those words

Rub your calloused fingertips
across my milky skin
until I disintegrate

Turn my
paper mache
into a pile of mush

I want to feel your breath
against my neck,
and let it burn me

I'll let you
catch me on fire
again and again

Keep melting
away my skin

I'd never tell you no
if you'd tell me yes
just this once

Arlo Disarray©
You are beautiful,
You are breathtaking
You are quirky,
You are funny,
You are unique,
You are awkward.
You are weird
You are loveable.
You are you,
And you is pretty
Damm spectacular.
  May 2017 summer
Amethyst Fyre
If I asked, would you let me die?
Sorry for the spamming tonight everyone
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