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Capriccio Dec 2019
I am Heaven
I am Peace
Life Love

I am Sadistically Committed to Being Peacefully Happy
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
People seemingly vanish all the time
But where are they if you're in the same place?
And here I sit still writing within mine
Amidst the candles glow I see your face

There is no curse that cannot be broken
Your aftermath leaves etchings on my heart
That equates to what our love has spoken
The emptiness that feels tears me apart

But here I remain, still, right where I sit
Along on my hands I count the great stars
As the path I must now take back is lit
Back, once more, I go to where this all starts

What has been sleeps peacefully in the past
Tenderly taken by a love at last
Fay Kim Nov 2018
Today the head from my Buddha broke off
And I realized
We'll never find peace after a hard fall.
Fay Kim Nov 2018
There's a tightness in my chest as I gasp for air
Hugging my frame I wonder how these thoughts began.

How had my mind betrayed me so bitterly.

I feel as if somedays my vessel leaves me tied in bed in the morning, bringing me the stories of today when it returns tonight.


"Did I smile today?"

She smirks, running her hand through my stale hair.

"Yes," She whispers, slipping into the cold covers.  "Everyone believed it."

I hug her close despite the emptiness she brings me; trying to remember what it was like before she came.
Äŧül May 2017
I* love to linger on the memories.

Let them be the good ones,
Or be them the sour memories,
View them in repeat mode,
Even if they turn bitter finally.

You might remember it too,
Once I loved you through,
U**nloving was not impossible for you.
My HP Poem #1538
©Atul Kaushal
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
A new born to some years old
Cute, happy and smiling soul
Words weren't a need at all
No complaints or demands I recall

I don't know what and how I thought
I don't know if I cared or not
But as I learned understanding what people said
I started confusing myself in my head

Listening and talking the talks, I learnt
Thinking weird things, do's and don'ts
Restless my mind
Never ending my thoughts
Shame on this mind
For not understanding
The understanding disease I'd caught

All began unraveling with what people said
And the talks in this mind that stayed
Sowed the very first of them in the mind
To reap every word and it's kinds

It did reap
I enjoyed listening a lot
I enjoyed blabbering words
I enjoyed thinking the thoughts

But what it reaped
Ripped my peace of mind
When I try to keep it quiet
I feel
The peace....
Peacefully died!
Rafael Melendez Apr 2016
Wind chimes rocked his baby bye to sleep, while the baby's mother laid awake and weeped. Scared she couldn't give that precious what he needs.
The baby's father kept a note to read, always gone, and never gets to sleep. The future and the past was all they held dear, they missed a baby's breathing peacefully.
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2016
I dream peacefully
And hardly dream
Of peace.

-- Eleanor
Echoes Of A Mind Sep 2015
is the only thing I hear
is the only thing I see

But there's no fear
since there's only peace
here underwater
where i'm floating half asleep.

I close my eyes
Still underwater
and lured by the peace
I finally fall asleep...
Remember when you're underwater and everything is just silently peaceful?
Peace there is underwater and a warning that even the peace can lure you to your last breath.
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