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Aayasha khan Apr 2019
Make me remember.,
Through your eyes ,not your words.
the love once felt,now lost in the abyss  of uncertain words.

Make me feel.,
Through your presence,not your touch.
that Gentle caressing and love,now that you are always in a rush.

Make me walk.,
Coupled with you,not your footprints.
through the Same paths and rendezvous,before they diverged a long time ago.

Make me believe.,
By placing in front of me the plain truth,not twisted lies.
like those days when you still didn't need to sugar-coat the obvious.

Make me dream.,
Through the energy ,not the pain.
the future we envisioned together in the light , whence my nightmares had taken over .

Make me surrender.,
Through love and peace, not turmoil and defeat.
into the embrace of your moonshine,now that it has been a way long overcast night(life).

Make me yours.,
with the depth of your heart,not just woes.
into your protective gaze ,now that it has been a while since I melted under it and yet felt oh! so Strong.
Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
I once had someone tell me
That because they knew themself
And their flaws
They could never love themself
And I-
I didn't know quite what to tell them

But I also didn't want to leave it at that
Because we're our own worst judges
We replay everything we've done wrong
And forgive others but not ourselves
Which is just too cruel

And to base the amount of love we accept
From yourself or others
Off the flaws you see in yourself
Is giving up the fight before it's begun
Because you're missing out on so much

You accept the love you think you deserve
But, love, you deserve more than you accept
shåi Apr 2017
'what do you
want to be when
you grow up?'

'what do you plan
to do with your life?'

'you can't make money

this age old question
acts as
the intersection
between dreams
and reality

people ask this question
and i am rendered speechless
a voice lost in the
howling wind of promise

their piercing,
expectant gaze
like paparazzi

i put on a mask
my own shadows
loom in the night

'oh maybe,
i'll be a nurse
or a pharmacist'

i am safe
as warm approving
nods beckon

'oh i want to be
a writer'

nods turn
to disfavor
like a star
falling out of the sky

when has
authentic happiness
become a servant
to dishonest disinterest?
follow your dreams
This is to say goodbye
For many reasons, but first,
I want you all to know
That I love you no matter what.

Even if all of you have flaws and trespasses
It is what makes you all beautiful to me
It is what made me smile in glee
It's what made me cry in unison with all of you.

If you are reading this now,
It only means I have surrendered
I cannot endure anymore of this
But remember that it is nobody's fault

It's me, I haven't been strong
Unlike all of you with strong hearts I admire
The will to move forward has long since passed me
I tried fighting  'til the end but it seems that I can't

You all might start to wonder
"How did this happen?"
He seemed very happy and free
Always funny if not annoyingly cheerful

Behind all of it is a lie,
I have been drowning in tears
Of my own pool of sorrows and grief
A turbulence of unheard pleas

I've been in it for too long,
I can't seem to swim back to the shore
The shore of human sanity
Of normalcy and stability

Maybe its because of my personas
The Him who thought everything a joke
Giving hints that nobody noticed
Ever strong outside yet deeply broken inside

The other Half who always hides
Cowering and shivering in the insecurities of life
He who is always careful not to hurt
Though, he has none he can hurt

Or the other one between
The sane and Normal Me
The one you liked with envy
The one who should've been me

I say this last note of goodbye to you
For I am now stained in black and blue
Never to be clean again like pure white
Never to see me again in Morning's Light.
I found the words from a note (I don't know if it's suicide or breaking up) across the hallway at school. it fluttered in perpetual solitude before I found it. I don't know yet who the owner is but, to him, You'll get through it buddy.
Was it Suicide or Breaking Up?
Leave comments below of what you think it is about.
Seher Seven Apr 2017
These days there are so many options for sharing our voices. Social media has created an instant audience for all who join. It is a large change for the older generations of the Earth, though social media holds the opportunity of our times! We are all there, together. 

I am aware that the awakening that is taking place on Earth is all being played out as it is intended. Social media alone did not bring us to this point. All of our history has brought us to this point. Every light high and grueling low. Each moment moved our lives forward and helped create the next new moments. This is obvious though the power in this reality is what healing looks like to me. 

I am using the social media world to share the plant message I have tuned into. Being able to share how my heart loves with humans far outside my physical reach is empowering beyond words. I feel such deep gratitude to be alive today and for having the awareness of this blessing. I never felt comfortable with that word. Though in reality, being a witness to life is truly the blessing.

We live in a society that the mass of us really do not understand. Our world is being created by the humans with the most access to energy (resources). The large part of humanity has committed to economics and actually, capitalism. Workers have very low energy reserves to be creators. Though we all do it anyways. The human is the most powerful being we know of! Our capabilities are truly unbelievable!!!

We are equally as powerful as all other living organisms and yet have a capacity of creation that no others possess. The human has very few basic needs. Though one of those needs is to make stuff... all kinds of stuff... all the time. We will always be advancing and building. Its what we do. The question I think many of us ask is, how can we be happy with all this stuff? There seems to be a general sense of discontent capturing our hearts. How is this affecting the world we are creating?

In the creation of this website and expansion organization, I have thought much about helping people find solutions to their every day challenges. This is how a whole lifestyle is accomplished. We have to dig into the daily habits, change those and create new healthier ones. When we change our mind, we change our world. We literally change the things we create because new thoughts are at the source of the manifestation.

To make sure I was providing the solutions my sphere needed, I created a short survey that explores the major roadblocks people have with maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The results were small, though very powerful and pretty surprising for me. 70% of the responses indicated that what they needed most to adapt to a whole food plant based lifestyle was inspiration and accountability. 60% also noted needing it to work in a busy lifestyle. These are two of the major hindrances of us. Desire and time. Both have been systematically deleted over time. Major lifestyle differences must come about for either to be possible. We spend most of our hours working for stuff that does not fulfill any human needs at all. 

Thankfully!!! We are the actual energy that creates everything... we are a manifestation of it! We are energy in motion, tuned to our environment to make changes as we desire. This is an amazing thing to be a part of and I have such a deep faith that we can create a world we desire by aligning with the healing power of plants and by just helping each other out! 

Healing is real. And it is fairly simple. When a wound surfaces, the immune system sends the info to heal. Our communities work in similar ways. We respond to the needs of neighbors and friends when tragedy strikes. We feel it is our duty. Though when it comes to our personal self, most of us struggle to uplift ourselves. We have been taught to doubt our hearts, our dreams, our self. As we grow with this person who is fearful of itself, we tend to create situations that are lacking the major and minor touches that nourish us. We are missing the fine details of our world that confirm to us time again that everything is OK.

This does not mean that everything is calm and serene for the everyone all the time. This is not what being is. Being is the movement through different cycles. These cycles exist in the dark and the light for us humans. Our core must move from the dark to the light and back in order to grow and develop the power to continue to create and move. This is what the plants really teach. This is the message that we discover when we align with these healing beings. Death creates new life. New life moves towards death. The moments in between are for our growth. How simple it is...

Our world will continue to experience tragedies. Babies will continue to die. Mother's will continue to weep. The world will also continue to become more aware and grow deeper. Babies will be born and Mother's will continue to have the capacity to love, unconditionally. Our heart beat cannot be tainted. It cannot be stopped. We are the manifestation of the Earth. We are Her children. As a Mother, I can confirm that She will work with her children and never against them. She will provide the lessons they need and will be there to direct them if needed. This is what mamas (and dads) do. We are always being directed towards expansion. This is the desire of our Mother, of time... it seems like of US all. It won't stop. Learning to move with it is where much of our peace and happiness is resting, awaiting our re-discovery. Gratitude is due.

So, today's post is what my heart felt was an inspiring message! I want to be able to help serve the people around me that need healing. I receive the same energy from all of you! My awareness here will make the exchange effective, inspiring and nourishing! Remember, nourishment is a requirement of bonds here. We must nourish each other in our interactions... and definitely in our death. Its a natural law. There is a release here you can feel if you struggle with these feelings. We give and take equally, either in this moment or another. Everything ends up balancing out, coming back to the center/core and creating the dark/light, positive/negative, love/hate experiences again. What if we created new habits that disconnected us from all this back and forth? What if we learned to tune into our inner voice, our core and exercise the desires of this space? What if we encouraged each other to at least think about it? Does worrying about a war that is not fact seem more productive to you? Or continuing to participate in a system that is creating a world we do not desire? Obviously we must make these changes over generations, though what are we prepared to change about ourselves in order to instill these changes in our offspring? Its a reset. And it begins within. It sounds like self acceptance and love. It looks like that love being extended, honestly, from the insides out. It means recognizing the energy you are in all others, honoring that creative force and treating it with compassion and forgiveness. This does not answer all the troubles of the world. This answers the desire within. Once the humans of Earth are tuned to their desires, we will see the troubles look like what we wish too. They help us create the experiences to learn compassion. To learn unconditional love. We are not here to live in the dark. The light is always ahead. Creation is sparked in the dark.

Why not? Why not try? I know it works. It will look different for each of us. Though healing is real, unless its your time. Then you do not have to worry about it anymore. Until that day, we can learn to use our creative energy to develop exactly what our hearts desire. They are universal goals we share and we are intended to encourage each other along the way. We are all just walking each other home. Home is where the heart is. 

Thank you for the beautiful humans that participated in the survey! Your responses mean so much to me. I will continue to add in my perspective of inspirational blog posts and podcasts. It is great to know that the fire I feel within can be shared to light another's wick. I promise to do my best for my self, my children, my family ... for us all. These moments of my life matter to me. We all have the ability to know this and to act accordingly.  Let's go!!!
This was share on a blog I've created. You can find it at as well as more info to help you align with the healing power of plants! I've never shared something like this here.  Today just felt right :) it felt like I could be having a conversation with any of you. I  appreciate and love you all @hellopoetry
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
A conversation starts with a smile
connecting  the soul altogether.
Not required whether we see each other
but to feel each other through the soul.
And the conversation keeps getting long
never ever ending it may seem
but if the soul shrinks
the conversations empties from the brim!
Long Conversation
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
"See, I've found that not a lot rattles you"*
I can't let it in my surrounding world
From populist risings gaining their roots
To drugs in the school (such as the bus girl)
I've seen school street plays, and blood on hall floors
And news that doesn't care about the truth
I've heard your fights with mom, in and out doors
I've seen infection spread amongst the youth
So call me jaded or darkly funny
But the way I am, you just have to be
Something my dad said to me recently.
We don't speak often
We don't meet often
That doesn't mean that the care for one another is lost.
Testing times are the ones when
Brotherhood, neighbourhood
And most importantly Friendships
comes to the fore !!
And that is what
and neighbourhood is all about !!
There are so many times when we don't actively and actually talk to a person.
But , I believe that the telepathic conversations are always happening!!
Will be meeting a friend today , with whom I haven't chatted in months,
but she is always there on my mind and so am I on hers !!
Time to catch up and have a great chat !!
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