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One night I can't sleep
I kept scrolling on my feed.
Then someone shared "Happy Move On Day"
Does that thing exist?
But I realized it really could be a sign.
Move on and be happy.
Happy Move On Day. Yay.
Someone asked me, "Why do people trust so much?"
I answered..
Someone is still believing
That a pinch of honesty
Can change the taste of everything.
But Honey, the world is so cruel
It tries everything to break you
Pushes you to the edge
Falls hard..into tiny little pieces
Then get left behind.
So instead of that question, ask this
**"Is someone worthy enough to trust?"
Christina L Jun 2016
Please don't worry about him,
he'll be fine.
He's gonna go and have fun and he'll be safe, I promise.
He's not gonna go off and see someone else,
he's not planning to cheat on you
he's not gonna let alcohol and some girl
take away what you two have.
Please don't worry
I know it's hard but you've got to accept it.
Nothing you do,
whether it's countless hours spent worrying
or nervously asking him if he still loves you,
none of it would change anything.
Just because you worry,
just because you ask,
if he is a cheater,
he's going to cheat, regardless of what you do.
So be happy.
Please be happy and please don't worry.
Smile and know that he's thinking about you every now and then,
smile and know that he's also wishing your lips were together,
that you were side by side with your hands linked.
He knows you love him
now it's just time you know that
he loves you too.
chasing vapors May 2016
just because
it doesn't leave
a single line
doesn't mean
it's not a poem

just because
it doesn't rhyme
doesn't mean
you're not a poet

because a poem
is not merely
about the style
but solely
about the soul
Irene May 2016
it's so easy to get caught up in the future or the past, but it's important to be fully present in the now. as cheesy as it sounds: don't focus on the negative. think positive! what we put into our minds and what we think really does affect how we behave and act. so **** out the negativity, and learn to be grateful for what you do have than what you don't have.
5/18/16 in a stressful time right now, but learning to breathe and focusing on the positive.
Ili Norizan May 2016
It's easy to fall for the sea,
For it opens up to you,
Its feelings you can see,
For it's multiple shades of blue;

It's easy to want to fly,
For it takes you places so high,
The many levels of the blue sky,
You'd be too happy you'd die;

It's easy to love another,
Their faces and phases a wonder,
But to love yourself takes forever,
When it should've been easier.

oui Mar 2016
it's that little voice inside your head that screams anything is possible ******, go shave your head go kiss that human that looks so beautiful tonight. It doesn't matter who you are today if you want to be someone new tomorrow. i find glowing and growing with this unattainable energy each time I visit the big apple seeing one thousand faces today I'll never see again past this moment.

we are so ******* little in the bigger scheme of life, in the most beautiful, unique, unrepeatable way.
Irene Mar 2016
when you look back at your life
are you gonna regret the things you didn't do
or look back and say
i did all that i could
and be satisfied with the way you lived

don't live in your head so much
and wait for things to happen
or things to come to you
sometimes you gotta make things happen yourself

so don't get caught up in the past or the future too much
be in the present
do what you can
with what you have
stop living in the shadows
and let the light shine
written a day after my 23rd birthday.
"I know you struggle sometimes but just in case I don’t tell you enough, you’re beautiful. Thank you for being so strong and transparent. The world sees you even when you feel invisible. I appreciate your heart and your stubbornness. Your willingness to love even after being discarded and forgotten is admirable. I am so proud to know that you’ve grown to acknowledge your worth."
Note to self.
sayona May 2015
i may have never been good enough for you,
but i sure as **** will be good enough for myself.
never again will i let anyone eradicate my self confidence
right before my very eyes
and never again will i succumb to trying to living up to anyone's standards besides my own.
especially to that of a boy.
i can't make your body ache to intertwine with mine,
neither can i be your muse,
and neither can i make your heart go into cut time every time i'm near.
but the good thing is,
it doesn't matter.
you can't force pieces that don't fit
and you just can't force feelings that aren't there.
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