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Rickie Louis Nov 21
I use to plead with fate. Begging and wishing; praying and hoping for things to change. I'd always try to compromise. Almost always blind to one thing. Action. Always neglecting my basic necessities, in exchange for inaction; possibilities, for idleness.. Always focused on the moment. Lacking foresight for progression. All of my life I have simply digressed.
Rickie Louis Sep 12
I want to lay next to you
Caressing the constellations upon your skin
Mapping them with my fingertips
Memorizing them as our days come and go
As to never forget
Even as age impedes upon us
And new stars emerge and others fade
I will never stop tracing them
I will always want to learn you
To touch you
To feel you
Rickie Louis Aug 12
Instantaneous longing, overtly vowed, enchanted; yet obnoxiously unconditional.
Can you see,  I love you?
Rickie Louis Jul 31
Her soul,
for which I'd hold within my hands;
I'd caress, I'd wash, I'd kiss.
I'd cherish moments missed.
My life is worth a moments grace,  
when joy bestows upon her face.
Her body I'd worship.
I'd be her worthy bishop.
I'd peach upon her beauty.
A loving living eulogy.
I'd honor every smile,
I'd walk a million miles.
I'd bear the needle on my back,
a levy strong against attack.
I'd be a noble martyr,
and live till death beside her.
Like a sacrificial lamb,
I place my heart within her hands.  
Forever I will be her claim,
thru death, thru life, thru joy, thru pain.
For her I dedicate my soul,
So long its mine she lives to hold.
Rickie Louis Jul 31
Your beauty is it's own,
Like an undiscovered flower,
You have this capability,
To awe with super power.

I know I've said it all before,
And surely it gets old,
But your love is always flawless,
And it makes a weak heart bold.

Despite all of your attributes,
Your wide eyes and your smile,
Your hidden little giggles,
Or your laugh that's so **** viral.

You're the sweetest most deserving mom,
I've ever come to know,
And with everything about you,
I just want this love to grow.

I know that I'm your equal,
Though I never would compare,
But it can't eliminate the fact,
I want to sniff your hair.

I know that last lines silly,
And I can sniff it anyway,
But I really want to hug you,
Breathe you in for all my days.
Rickie Louis Jul 29
These days they come and go, like pages blowing in the wind. We can barely slow them, seizing moments we are in. Flying thru these chapters, days to weeks, to months, then years. I've learned a million lessons, mostly overcoming fears. Though I hold this knowledge, all this wisdom I have gained. I'd do it all again if it's your love that I've attained. I've always taken chances, never putting myself first, never having enough confidence; subserviently cursed. I've given in to misery, that dying love inflicts; but now I'll trade those moments, for a moment in your kiss. Once merely starved salvation. Disconnected from her grace. One part of me was stricken, while the other half, misplaced. Now you've come along, you've picked me up out of the wind. Turning thru my pages, softly speaking as a friend. Ignoring my torn corners, and my aging leather bind. You inscribe yourself so freely. Gently writing line to line. While love may have its ending. I'll accept it's meant to be. Even if for just this moment, I'll invite this destiny. If our stories ever over, with no more for us to share. You are free to let me go, back in the wind, with no dispare. Until that day arrives, I will continue to be yours, with all that you've inscribed in me, it's you my heart adores. So here's to a new chapter, a fairytale of yours and mine, perhaps we will look back, to our once upon a time. Grey, and old, and happy, with memories to reminisce. I can see into our future, looking back upon our bliss.
Rickie Louis Jul 20
Do night skys not liken to the shimmer of her eyes?

Do the gardens of Eden not bloom in the presence of her beauty?

Do heavens angels not fall
just to hear her sweet goodbye?

Yet her lips press softly upon mine.
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