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Rickie Louis Oct 2020
Some of us only win by losing the most,
Some of us are only wanted for how we love,
Some of us rarely find a happiness equal,
And when we do we can rarely keep it.
Some of us give, until there's nothing left.
Until we're left.
Rickie Louis Oct 2020
The unhappiness you're experiencing right now comes down to allowances.
The allowance of negative thought to entertain you mind.
The allowance of idleness.
The allowance of making choices against happiness.
The allowance of negative people.
Mostly it comes down to the allowance of time given for anything that will eventually cause you pain.
The same allowance can get you joy and satisfaction.
Make the right choice.
Note to self
Rickie Louis Aug 2020
At the moment,
she's present,
just not in the present moment.
Rickie Louis Jan 2020
Mysterious shadows on the wall.
Silhouettes detached from their source.
Just a void of light.
An outline often depicting,
the same that could be said
about some of us.
Detached from our source,
void of light.
Rickie Louis Nov 2019
I use to plead with fate. Begging and wishing; praying and hoping for things to change. I'd always try to compromise. Almost always blind to one thing. Action. Always neglecting my basic necessities, in exchange for inaction; possibilities, for idleness.. Always focused on the moment. Lacking foresight for progression. All of my life I have simply digressed.
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