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dylan Sep 6
you set me on fire to keep you warm
and when i burned out
you left without a word
dylan Aug 19
i wish we could just forget each other
so we can meet again for the first time
dylan Aug 17
sad to think about
the only flowers i will ever receive
will be the ones placed on my grave
dylan Aug 3
how can i be afraid of monsters
when i once loved one?
dylan Jul 21
the feeling of
your love
your caring
your anger even
the sensation of  
your touch
your smell
your taste even
i just miss you
so so much
i miss you so much, i miss the feeling of having you, i miss touching you and smelling you. i miss everything about you.
i just miss you :( :( :(
dylan Jul 5
You Feel Right To Me

dylan Jun 24
I fell
I crashed
I broke down
I cried
I crawled
I hurt
I surrendered
and then...
I rose
I rose again
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