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dylan Feb 22
you are the drug that only works when I don't  need you
the alcohol intoxicating me when I should be sober
the **** cigar between my lips when I should be focusing
you are the crack pipe in my mouth when I should be breathing
you are the drug that only works when I don't need you
like ******* you make me high when I should be low
like ****** I am so addicted to you it hurts when you leave me
like acid you make me trip sometimes
you are the drug that only works when I don't need you
Like xanax you make me numb inside
like MDMA you make my skin prickle
like LSD I see things when i'm with you
you are the drug that only works when i don't need you....
dylan Feb 22
at first i just liked you
but you were with her
then my like grew like a ****
and you're still with her
and now...
i love you
like a fool
but you're with her
you love her.
not me.
dylan Feb 11
the way you only want me
when you need me
it's like i'm a glove
stored away in a drawer,
on hot days  
when things are good
you completely forget me.
and on cold days...
when things are hard,
you want to get me out
and use me again
to warm your soul.
dylan Feb 9
i planted seeds in the holes you left on my heart
seeds of healing
seeds of happy
but most of all
seeds of acceptance.
you threw dirt on my name and roses bloomed
dylan Feb 9
I learned to hate you.
I learned to hate you because,
if I don't.
I will love you.
and if I love you
my heart will open again.
and if I love you
you have a chance to  hurt me again.
dylan Feb 9
i thought you the candy my brain needed
a well deserved sugar rush
but you were poison to my heart
right from the start.
i should've studied your ingredients
before i fed you to my soul.
but now you've already
made my heart black like a coal.
dylan Dec 2020
it's 3:09am
your picture just popped onto my timeline
i remember what we were
i remember how it felt
i remember your smell
and the way you used to
make me smile
then i remember
you're not here anymore
what we were is gone now
what i felt is wrong now
your smell is fading
and the smile you always gave me
is waning.
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