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Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Night changes and spins around
Bitter day will follow suit
A purple frosty evening
Turning black as soot
Merinda Nov 2019
I saw those eyes were catching me in the ball
No words fall out just watch me through it all
Perfect suit like a Ken doll
In the whisper I heard him call
He said to me "Meet me in the nightfall"
Merinda Sep 2019
Old phone call
Ringing in the nightfall
Never stop from winter to fall
The noise's forcing us all
To keep quiet and stay in the hall
Bereniké Jul 2019
Rapid beating of my heart is deceiving
what I think I'm feeling.
However believing isn't knowing
what this is going to turn into in the night glowing.
Alyan Khan Jul 2019
as the night falls
neither white, nor black
old, or the new
my mind seems to turn grey

I wish I could fly away
I hope I find my way
Juhlhaus Jul 2019
The Sun kissed me goodbye
With a parting ray and left me
To walk the woods alone
Through green into gray.
Some say you can't see
The stars for the rain, but
Come what may, I will follow them
Until I find the Sun, see her light
And feel her warmth again.
I composed this while backpacking on the North Country Trail. The trail's symbol, which appears on its signposts, is Polaris: the North Star.
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Evening light
Shining 'cross the lake
From behind me
Through still still air
Over still still water

You have so many
Great qualities
And so many friends
That adore you as you fade
Through amber and crimson hues

We don't wave goodbye
You just slip away
Gently and softly
As Nightshades take hold of the air
We'll see you tomorrow... same time.
Sunsets at the lake are the best. They present a brief moment of magic when the conditions are right... and oh, how beautiful when they are right.
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Blue to gold
Gold to red
Red darkens

Specks of light
One by one
Filling my

Low glow east
Full moon rise
Smiling at

I smile back.
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