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Lena 2d
let your worries fade
give into drowsy eyes
drift softly into a sleepy haze

let me run my fingers through your messy hair
let me kiss your troubles away
let me whisper three  little words
let me always be there

to say

The distance
My heart does not seem to bear

Every night I stay lonely staring at the moon
And the majestic voice of yours, I conjure
The Distance.
miracle 4d
What was that!? I say to myself as I wake up sweating
It’s nothing
And go back to sleep

I hear a scream
It's nothing  
And go back to sleep

That cold hand on my leg
I try to move. I can’t
It’s nothing
And go back to sleep.

My eyes slowly open. I see something, someone
“Don’t be afraid of the dark  
What you’ll see in the light is far worse”
I tell myself
And go back to sleep

Tied to my bed
Can’t move
Can’t talk
But can see
I can’t
Try to go back to sleep
I can’t
I hear it approaching
It’s getting closer
I’m starting to see it
I wanna scream
I can’t
I wanna run
I can’t
I’m sorry, I tell myself
I shouldn’t have ignored it
This is it
Then everything goes dark

I can’t remember anything
Just that everyone
Was standing next to my bed
What happened?

Nobody knows
13) true story for 99%
Luisa C Aug 2018
what a foolish thing to do
to think of you,
and so late and quiet in the night too.
if you were here
and together were we
i couldn't keep from being a fool to you.
confide in you, so close beside you
and forget my lessons from before.
the past happened to show me
i can't be a fool for you no more.
Danneli 3d
I long to pull you to my chest
To see you through your darkest night
To hold you tight till you forget
That I’m not meant to see you cry
This one hits me harder than the rest:

The horror of the grave

An eternity of nothing.

The futility of it all

Makes me feel like screaming

And running away

From everyone and everything.

There will be no more sleep tonight
Night thoughts:
Those thoughts that jump into your head at 2am and won't let go.
My past
My traumas
They come to me at night
Searching for answers on why they are alive.

A bottle of Nyquil
And a dab of grass can only do so much.
They rattle in my head
almost as if they are loudly crying
in both of my ears.

I can feel their tears.

The thoughts of the things I've seen,
heard, and said keep going on an on
like a merry go around,
singing to me my failures.

They want me to cry with them
But I can't give them any more of my tears,
because they have all dried up.

Only in the night do they come,
after I swim up from the ocean of their tears
I hold them and whisper to them that I love them.
And then the sun comes up.
:o life can be a lot but learn to accept your past or you will just drown in the ocean of your past tears, it will take time. Like everything does.
2015 mid nights

were spent in dark cubicles.
south east Asia was making a conversation with Ankara.

don't sit.
stand up to fight the gravity under your eyelids.
if caffeine is not strong enough, you must shake.
i told myself countless times.

i talked about Memphis, as i tried to hide the pearl
from where i came from.

i talked about pide, underground cities,
the ottoman empire, tasseomancy and Bodrum.

this, was that part of my life when someone
used her daily horoscope to explain the bad internet quality.

i learned about a place in this world, its history and its blue mosque
and felt bad to know all about it way too late.

came summer 2016

i had to leave and not say goodbye.
suddenly, mid-nights became less important than sleep.

just like that, life lead you to something
and pulled you back again, away.

this was when leaving meant taking what you gave away back.

closing your eyes before midnight meant
getting your life back again in the morning.
Lost 4d
Nocturnal awakening
At 2am
The stairs

Slipping out the door
A whisper of a person
A shadow of a woman
Car keys clenched tight
In a bony fist

Racing thoughts
Each one too fast
To see it out
To the end
Incomplete sentence
Interrupted by my own

Down the front steps
Light scuffing of slippers
On concrete
Opening the driver door
And dropping into the seat
Half expecting
To fall straight through
Half hoping
To hit the floor
Colliding with the ground
A welcome impact
I need to be shaken
I need to be stirred
I need to reset
A cognitive correction

Keys in the ignition
Thinking of my neighbors
As I turn
Wondering if they’re awake
Listening to the sounds
Of me giving up
Giving in
To insomnia

Cigarette paper
Sticking to dry lips
Lighter under my thumb
Fire’s gentle kiss
Smoke plumes
Out the window
Into the cloudy
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