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Nylee Jul 2020
The misplaced ... words
they do
  not find..
        a concrete   structure..
always half baked..

   missing  the     essence
       of     something great.
Poetic T May 2020
I like my beans,
             maybe a bit hotter than

Mine with jalapeno peppers,
           scattered like snow..
melting it on the taste buds
              oh so delicately...

Then a layer of cheese,
  like soft footprints..
    never touched.

Before my mouth consumes it,
                  What was whole now

          chunks missing..

like a where's wally of the food

I'll tell you where in my belly..

Beans, beans they'll make you full,
         on what ever you want.

but for me it the saucy kind,
         cos that's where my beany

                                       boat floats.. saucy
Deepti S P May 2020
Sweet and savoury,
Smothered in rich tomato sauce,
Adding a pinch of spices like cumin, pepper and garam masala ;
Brings in a great combination of flavour and aroma,
Making baked beans smell so wonderful.
Healthy and super delicious,
Utterly addictive and irresistible,
Quick and easy breakfast,
Love to have it with Dejeunette Viennoise and Croissant along with a bite of cutlet,
One of my favourite morning delights on the dining table.
I love exploring cuisines from across the globe. I am a foodie with epicurean taste buds. Baked beans is one of my favourite.
Torin Mar 2020
From the grand expanse of the sky
To the unreached depth of the sea
Every stone, every tree
Every bone, every seed
That I know is hard to fathom
But somehow you must believe

Pathways right through the middle of town
Lead directly to an open door
But we were not worried that the rain was falling
No we were not worried if the rain was falling

Sometimes dealing with the truth is painful
But in the truth there is love
Every word despite the world
Every word and each heart beat
That I know is not so simple
But somehow you must believe

Arrow shot forth in a million different ways
Aimed directly at your heart
And a moment you could feel that the rain was falling
Take a moment we can feel the way the rain is falling
The rain is falling
felt cute, why not?
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Parties always happen in the back
Matter fact
Folks are tokin in the open and their jokinbout the past
Till some fella gets to yellin and he stands up on a couch
Then he turns into a giant and he grows up out the house-

-Wonder who
let these soldiers in the room
Do I swim overthefloor to get out
Settle down
Light the maggots on their boots
Ride the doobietrain South
to a castle on a mountain made of cake
Score an ounce
Watch this war get waged from a distance-

-Fighting for the wholly baked resistance.
Shauny Aug 2017
Looking towards the cobwebbed light
Any closer and he may get a fright
Weapon in hand… The brush!
Smokin some of that OG Kush

Lay in wait the spiders did
A fear of these she has since a kid
It’s wings flapping was all you could hear
Even though afraid, for the spiders we would cheer

One after another they would attack
As they fell to the floor, each with a broken back
There was no escape from the entangled death
We stood there in the cold counting his lasts few breaths
Wrote this after a very ****** time with my friends. We watched a bunch of spiders devour a large fly whilst ****** out of our minds :P
Nylee Aug 2017
My life is that food
which is half baked,
half burned,
bitter with too much salt
has many different spices
to make it taste ridiculous
but surprisingly still edible.
Alex Niko Aug 2017
Summer days
Inconsistent in England
An old train from Piccadilly
To New Mills
Sweating up a steep hill
To a blistering barbecue
Bearing brownies
To share with older brothers
Spaced and complaisant
Sedated in the sunshine
Overlooking the opposing hills
With an ex copper in our coterie
So pleasantly surprised
By the sun and situation
But it's not summer anymore
Ayin Azores Sep 2015
Grind, roll, light, burn
Puff, puff pass
And it goes on

Every single day
From the moment I wake
Until before I lay

My mind is in cotton candy world
My body is in a state of Euphoria
My soul is alive, I feel alive

Grind, roll, light, burn
Puff, puff pass
And it goes on

My eyes burn fire
My stomach is growling from hunger
Can you please give me a burger?

My feelings, gone astray
But I still feel alive the most
I have lost it all, I have burnt it all
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