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emily Oct 2022
After all the dust has settled I often ask myself why wasn't I enough for you to stay.

Why wasn't it enough for an explanation of you leaving without a week's notice, and now all i feel is used and discarded.

Like it was somehow my fault for your silent resignation and how I wasn't even worth a goodbye.
guess i'll never know
Ive made many mistakes
But this is the one
for which i harbor the most hate
She was there right in front of me
The one i was destined to meet by fate
I let her go; no... i drove her away
Wrapped up in my own shelfish
self perpetuating ways
Shes out there i know. and i pray shes okay
But in the world shes in; its just a matter of counting days
You cant help others before you help yourself I accept that now
kenz Dec 2021
"your words cut deeper than a knife"
they truly do...
lies slip out of your mouth easier than telling the truth
months of telling you my personal business
all for it to backfire on me
I let my walls down
I guess that is my fault
Kitty Jun 2021
Does my skirt provoke you?
Are you scarred by my top?
Does the length and depth define me,
Could I do a better job?

Am I made by what I wear?
An outfit I compose
The paint I layer on my face
The cut of my clothes.

You say I have no self control,
No power of restraint,
You place me in a little box
A student with a male teacher or peer.
It’s her fault he could not.

Hold himself away from her
Chain himself to the chair
labelling her his object
Instead of averting his stare

I’m not defined by cloth it’s purpose is warmth
Nor the body underneath
It is me and my intelligence

Does my existence provoke you
Fill you with disgust
Because my ability to choose
Is simply not good enough

For the standards you set me
The body I must have,
To be considered ‘pretty’
To be considered ‘bad’

My skirt can not be to short
My shirt not to deep
Because a low neckline
Will prevent my ability to speak

Does my happiness provoke you
My confidence in who I am
Because it’s taken a long time
To love myself
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
"Go away"
I beg you to stay.

"It's your fault!"
I'm the one to blame.

"I'll replace you!"
I can't go on without you.

"I hate you!"
I love you.
Thom Jamieson Dec 2018
I will never trust again
Because trust inevitably leads to pain,
Which leads to tears,
Which leads to mistakes,
Which leads to hurt
Better to live a life devoid of love
Than to hurt this deeply again.
so sorry
Gillian Godwin Nov 2018
It has been a while
Since that time.
You know.
That night.
My first date
And that carnival ride.

I'm terrified.

Tell me how you managed it,
How you remember it.

Because young sir,
I highly doubt it is the same as I.
Or do you wake up screaming too?

Because I do.
Never forgetting
Always blaming myself
For something I had no control over.

Did you enjoy my innocence?
Because I wish I could have it back.
That you hadn't done what you had
That I didn't have to see your heart of black.

It still hurts down there.
That place.
You were inside of me before I could say a single thing.
Before I could even say "No"

You make me sick.
So sick that I wanna bleed.
But everyone knows now
And trying to keep me sane.

I had told you that I was saving myself
But all you could say,
"Please Baby, Please!
I love you so much!
Just give me this much!"

Didn't know what to do,
I just freeze.
What am I suppose to say
What do I do now?
Do I talk to my mother and father
Face that judgement
Or do I block it all away with a smile

What do I do
What do I do
What do I do now?!

What the hell am I suppose to do now?!
You hurt me!
You broke me!
I'll never forget!
Pray to a God I no longer trust?!
You both were suppose to protect me and look at me NOW!

I'm ******* bleeding from my wrists!
I have no remorse.
I can't ******* sleep no more
Can't even hug my father.
What am I gonna do now...?!
yellow soul Jul 2018
What if I could have stopped
What if I told you that I loved
What if it was my fault?
What if it was an accident?
What if you were so depressed
That even just Getting out of bed seemed too overwhelming?
What if it was something someone
What if I had picked up the
What if it didn’t work?
What if I’m not the only one
Feeling this guilt?

Tell me love...


Why did you **** your self?
Michelle Yao Dec 2017
Nung ika'y aking nakita,
pakiramdam para sayo ay wala,
Ngunit di nagtagal,
Naglaro si kupido at tadhana.

Pinana ng pana ni kupido
at binaluktot ni tadhana
landas nating dalawa

Isang araw, nakita kita sa isang tabi,
ika'y nilapitan at pinangiti,
Hnaggang isang gabi,
Puso'y di mapigilan, sinigaw sayo
Mahal kita, aking sinta!

Nung naging tayo.
Walang umangal ng kung ano,
Hanggang sa dumating ang araw na
tayo'y pinaglayo.

Hindi kinaya ang pagkukulang,
kaya winakasan,
sapagkat sandata ng kalawakan,
oras at distansiya ating kinakalaban.

Bakit kailangan ganito?
Pero anu pa bang magagawa ko?
Huli na lahat, para ipaglaban ko,
pag-ibig na binalewala ko.

Kasalanan ko,
Pagdurusang dinaranas ko.
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