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yellow soul May 26
I wanna cry in the safety of your arms
But when ever you’re around I’m suddenly fine

Until I’m alone again
And I need your arms to stop me from feeling this lonely
yellow soul May 26
You told me that we could die tonight so that’s why you would drop by, just to hold me tight and kiss me light, turns out it was just so you could tell me all your favorite lies.
It have been quite a while since we last spoke and I’ve been wondering how i should have known you were the One, the perfect one for me, and now I will regret it for eternity.
Cause  you sure still love me yeah you do.
You say my laugh is like your favorite song, and you tell me you could listen to it all night long. But you sure still love me yeah you do,
You’ve been drowning in these ocean eyes, well that’s just another one we can add to your collection of lies.
yellow soul May 26
You broke my heart
Still you kiss me in my dreams
yellow soul May 12
They water me
I get lots of water
Lots of love
But I’m placed in the shadow
The window is so far away
And I’m drained from energy
But they placed me in the dark
And so the dark is where I will stay

The dirt is so dry
So they keep watering me

I’m drowning
yellow soul May 12
As I opened the jar
The butterfly flew away
It left me feeling free again
yellow soul May 12
I heard you been calling me crazy
Saying I be tripping on a daily
I know you just trying to break me
I’m sorry baby but it isn’t working
You always had a vibe like something wasn’t right
Now I understand that you couldn’t get any sicker
It was two days ago
You said that you loved me
I remember it clearly
It was right before you
Hugged me
****** me
Told me you would never put another girl above me
But I guess things changed
You made a deal with a homie
Who really didn’t know me
And that’s when you called me
Wait no
Just forgot that you are immature
Straight up insecure
You let my inside to a dead that was premature
Boy you send me a text
Telling me to start looking for my next
yellow soul Apr 28
How she moved so carelessly
when touched by the evening breeze
she sparkled like the light ***** in the night sky
however, I heard the anguish in her laugh
she consistently kissed me like it was her last kiss
danced as if it was her last dace
lived as if it was her last night
fascinated by everything
but I was only fascinated by her
how tiny her fingers were around her cigarette
how her bones looked like
they were about to leave her body
I never understood
But as she took off
Her bones became stardust
longing to get home
now I understand
that she never was supposed to be here with me
god had other plans for my angel
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