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yellow soul May 2021
Music is playing loud in the room
People are shotgunning’ a beer or two
Girls making out just for fun
Some guys playing with a water-gun
Someone looks at me and smile
I look away after a while
The thought that maybe I could feel
Everything suddenly gets so real
The air inside the room is gone
I lay down out on the lawn
My friends are probably hookin’ up
There’s no more liquor in my cup
People are walking all around me
I never actually really feel free
They take my hand and try to guide
How should they know every step is a fight
I try to tell them I am sad
But they just tell me life’s not that bad
They ask if it’s cause I’m not over that guy
I nod yes, but it’s a lie
I try to smile but a tear is coming
Everything feels so numbing
Why am I even still here
What if I just disappear
yellow soul May 2021
Addicted to the possibility
That I could be a possibility
yellow soul May 2021
Reach for the sky
She did
Grab the starts
She did
Fly high
She did
Fall down?
She did.
yellow soul Jun 2020
Why did I ever Think i could change you?
Why did I believe that you would treat me differently?
Why where I so stupid!
Why did I let you get to me?
yellow soul Jun 2020
It was from the first time our eyes meet, something inside me changed.
Your smile, it could light up the hole room.
Freckles dancing on your nose, that you squeeze in every picture.
And your one dimple, I like to believe only becomes visible for me.
4 months went by, you’ve got a girlfriend now.
5 months went by, you kissed me by mistake, I don’t even think you remember it.
7 months went by, you broke up with her.
10 months went by, you’ve meet a new one, but it’s okay, because you’re my best friend now. You know that I’ve been in love with you for 10 months now, you asked me why I didn’t say anything, I told you I was afraid.
11 months went by, you broke up with your new girl, we have decided to try and see if anything could happen between us.
11 months and 1 day went by, you kissed me today, I feel like the luckiest girl ever.
11 months and 2 days went by, we chilled in your room for hours and didn’t even notice.
11 months and 3 days went by, your friend warned me about you, he told me to leave while I still could, but I can’t leave now, I promised to give you a chance.
11 months and 4 days went by, we didn’t even talk Today, your friend told me you said that you were bored of me already.

Why aren’t I enough for you?
yellow soul Apr 2020
Drunk words
Sober thoughts
I take one more
***** shot
Just to make sure
I will forget you

I lay down
I give in
I feel your touch
On my skin
I know
It is wrong
Cause you mean
Nothing to me
yellow soul Apr 2020
Sun rays dancing on her bronzed skin
Her, dancing through my mind
The smile that portray my summer
Her giggle, the music my ears crave
Her cherry flavored lips
The mystery hidden in her dimples
Wild child, wild, lost?
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