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Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.

Thou eyes may shine bright,
Though the way you’ll see
Crosses in cradles
Several, nay all, sin ‘fore thee.

Your hands could be firm,
Though what should you grasp?
Little to hold onto,
Little will last.

Your ears may be wishful,
But what would they hear?
“‘Only’ thirty three deaths today”,
Not one reason to cheer.

You could have been my world,
I can’t raise you in this one,
I love you my darling,
I’m sorry my son.

Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop
When your beat goes,
The pain will all stop

Who am I to take a life?
I know not of the pain,
Do I own the right,
To take from thee, no name?

Your skin wouldn’t be fair,
Nothing in your life would be,
But polar opposites you’d bear,
In articulation you’d be free.
Perhaps we could escape the hate,
Escape the world’s woe,
God will have to hold the gate,
I cannot wait to see you grow.

Rock-a-bye baby, do not you fear
Never mind, baby, mother is near.
She breathed inside her mother for nine months,
Her weight nowhere near tons.
There were dreams for her waiting to be fulfilled,
Of how she'll laugh and their home would build.
Everyone was waiting to hear her first cry,
To hold those small hands and feet; oh my my!
Her arrival was being anxiously waited for,
But she decided to give a pain that has no cure.
She never got a chance to open her tiny eyes,
To hide things under bedcovers and tell some lies.
She missed on feeling fresh air brushing against her face,
She left this world without any memories and trace.
She had to see and feel the nature's beauty,
Had to be held in mother's love and father's protective custody.
She had lots of love to receive and same to give,
Dead in her mother's womb, the little babygirl never got a chance to live.
In the memory of an angel❤
Stella Jun 2019
I don’t have work
I don’t have school
I have no books to check in or out
Yet still,
you get to sit around
Look at me,
my swollen black circles
under my lifeless eyes

I’m so tired
I see the shy little nerd stacking books again

She’s my kryptonite now
Who knew leather books could be so comfy to lay one’s head?
It’s not cool being awake for over 24 hours driving through the day with coffee. You feel jaded but not in a good way
Mike Chigo Mar 2018
In the wake of Dawn
She cries and moans
In her womb was a little one
Alas she’s delivered of a son
“Welcome My Boy to the World”

He finds comfort in her warmth and
Finally decides she should be Mom
He looks around with dreamy eyes
Straight into her tear filled eyes
He cant understand what was wrong
But ‘tis her way of showing Joy
“Get Ready for Life Boy…Get ready”

In comes a man who embraces Mom
Carries him up and says praise to God
The way he smiled says he was Dad
He felt so strong to be in these arms
And slept hearing these words twice
“Welcome To Life, Welcome To Life”
This was my very 1st complete poem. I wrote this when I was 17
cder Nov 2017
how do i, how do i formulate into words
what you have done for me?
how do i explain to the entire universe
the love you have for me?
how do i show everyone watching
the world's you've showed me?
how do i portray everything you taught me
when i am not done learning?
how do i show you that I love you when the
words are not enough?
how do i, with my barely-there talent,
express my appreciation for you?

how do i thank you
for bathing me,
for feeding me,
for teaching me,
for raising me,
for loving me?

These words
do no justice
to the gratitude
i feel for you.
Mamma, i love you endlessly.

you  are deserving of far more than me.
Jody-Anne Cauchi Dec 2014
Two drums beating in light of one,
Skin stretched far too cover just one
Feeding off blood ; for  survival
Growing stronger each day is this life.

Skin stretched far too cover just one
Body contorted out of usual shape,
Growing stronger each day is this life.
Feet planted firmly against internal walls;

Body contorted out of usual shape,
Heaviness weighs upon bones and flesh,
Feet planted firmly against internal walls;
Pain bared for something new.

Heaviness weighs upon bones and flesh,
Feeding of blood for survival,
Pain bared for something new,
Two drums beating in light of one.

Copyright JA Cauchi
Feeling of life can never be replaced.
My mama is an angel
My mama is an angel
There can’t be another angel
In this life’s hurdle
Cos she loves, loves and loves me
Out of her busy schedule
To set me free
She’ll sit on the tip of a huge needle

When I cry she cuddles
She understands when I mumble
In my mistake she fumbles
To get me out of trouble
In my sickness, she troubles
To get me out of hot bubbles
She gets all my puzzles
And solves all my riddles
That’s why
  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014
Mothers who work as mothers must be commended. Their sufferings for their children and love still remain a mystery to me. May they be blessed always.

— The End —