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Stella Jun 22
I don’t have work
I don’t have school
I have no books to check in or out
Yet still,
you get to sit around
Look at me,
my swollen black circles
under my lifeless eyes

I’m so tired
I see the shy little nerd stacking books again

She’s my kryptonite now
Who knew leather books could be so comfy to lay one’s head?
It’s not cool being awake for over 24 hours driving through the day with coffee. You feel jaded but not in a good way
Stella Jun 22
I don't want to be with the ΉЦMΛП ones
I don't want to participate in their sick games

They put my body in a new light
Pinned down, legs and arms sticking out
My chest rising like a storm's wave
The pointy instruments jabbed in my direction
Who did these cretins think they were?

Then you should imagine how I felt
When I discovered through torn tissue and sharp rule
What the humans really desired from me

"We want your blood, organs, and much more."

"We want to see what you have back home."

ΉӨMΣ? They repeated the word more than enough,
a foreign tongue and culture, I had trouble understanding
My uniquely pristine terrain was ΉӨMΣ
My business was not extended to these cruel organisms
My body was not open to these merciless cuts
My fluid...
I am dizzy
but for now they are gone,
No more agony
I look around me finally

Lifeless white, lifeless shine
my liquids on the floor,
No soul

Back in my world,
One could not compare
the lack of luster behind these walls
to our fresh, fragrant colored happiness
I did not take in pride
as much as I did in these moments

My liquid- blood as they called it
was ironically the most beautiful thing in that cursed room
A splash of amber on haunting floors
I wonder if ΉЦMΛПƧ bled like us?
Why must I be thinking like this?

I already decided how I felt about these beings
They were no good
They captured me
Trapped me
Pried me
Taunted me

But I reminded myself that my species wasn't all good
As much as I am justified in my anger
Perhaps there's good ΉЦMΛПƧ too?

Another thing picked away at me,
really got under my skin
They clearly thought they were above me
At least in the sense that I was mere entertainment for them
Like a budding flower to be stripped away

They considered themselves superior
Over my home and species
They've given me a little name
Taking it to heart even, playfully

I am sincerely asking,
what does ΛLIΣN mean?
₩łⱠⱠ ł ɆVɆⱤ Ʉ₦ĐɆⱤ₴₮₳₦Đ? ₩łⱠⱠ ₮ⱧɆ₴Ɇ ⱧɄ₥₳₦₴ ₴₱₳ⱤɆ ₥Ɇ?
Stella Jun 22
Something else,
Could be so much fun
When you are not around

When someone new,
Can not adjust
when you are always nearby

I became someone new,
what do I do?

Why must you insist
I resist,
When you know I'm not that shy...

Don't make me pull my hair out
trying to make you out,
You don't want to see my entropy...
entropy (in-truh-***): a person's gradual descent into madness
Stella Nov 2018
There's a ******* the street
Who walks with a different tune every other week

Everytime her eyes are sought under her thick raven bangs
Your guess is as good as mine, what filled those depths of pine

Pure ecstasy bleeding through
Lifeless clouds of avolition
Piercing daggers of ice ire

Her heart beats just like yours,
Her tears flow like ours
Her laughs crack like a long lost sister's

Yet above all, she is solely Miss cellaneous, and will always be to those who see only her eyes
Stella Mar 2018
Minutes, hours, weeks
A broken leaf in the wind
It doesn't want to see beyond the cloud
Stella Feb 2018
Look at where I've at, lying in the overgrowth
My arms lean against the wind that pounds them
Sun's light never leaving the sky, so my blossoms can still bloom
If you take me to the edge, I'll keep within
Even if it pulls me farther in
Stella Jan 2018
Brushing the hour of dawn
Bare legs exposed to cold air
Tripping on a weathered brick
Skin raptured and red seeping
"Oh! How convenient idiocy was.
Sometimes it got you before you even could."

Only the little thing would know
The way her golden eyes watched on
as the clown wobbled in, one hand stretched out over it's own mess
No one got it quite like her
'One fascinating creature pretending to be whole, paying no heed to the cracks'
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