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Ally 2d
I awake in the early hours

birds singing

enjoying their feast

my hands exploring your body

Naked flesh on my fingertips

perfectly dreaming

about your touch

ever abandoned

Sleepy slumber dreaming of you

in loving embrace

interrupted dreams

with morning brew

These are the moments

I look forward to

Until the day you search for

my naked body on your fingertips
Ally 3d
Floating on the wind of change
traveling through
all the seasons of the world,
it brings me back to you

A darkness I have known for so long
I sit here and know
that I will never feel again
never love again

I feel everything
I feel nothing
without you
... I am numb
Ally 3d
Do you want the sensual,

the confident and the *** appeal?

A woman who knows exactly

what kind of reaction she will illicit?

A woman who knows

her body,

her strengths

and her weaknesses

Who knows her body is aging

every single moment lost

Who knows that without a doubt

she has to up her game.

Days are busy

and all we really want to do

is be comfortable and relax

in oversized T's and no restraint of a bra.

An evening reading and sipping on wine or, an evening

in a glitzy restaurant with crisp white linen,

flutes of champagne

and fine dining.

Some would simply opt

for the cosy

fireplace evenings,

I certainly do!

In a world where time is money,

we often think that

without money spent,

we cannot enjoy an evening.

But it is in my moments of solace

that I reflect and know without a doubt

the cozy evenings are where real emotion

and memories are treasured.
Ally 3d
We use to dance

To the rain

The sun

The moon

The stars brightened our dark sky

Shiny whispers of forever

Dawn waves a new day

Reminding me

You will remain

A distant memory

Clouded skies

No colorful rainbows
Ally Oct 11
You are always here
keeping me warm through the night
while I pray for morn'
Ally Oct 10
I sit here and think without a blink

you fill my memories old

my stale tears, stained to grey

the once beautiful now in decay

Our garden in ruins

our bright red roses

petals dry







We have stopped the rain

my emerald green weep

another day

a darker shade of grey
Ally Oct 10
Layers of me, all

around your body

our legs entwined

my breath in your neck

Stroke through me hair

Pull me closer,

Butterfly kisses

Strawberry whispers

and bourbon promises

all through the night

Morning coffee

wearing only your T-shirt

and freshly

squeezed juice

These are the moments I treasure,

whether you remember them

or not

These are my precious moments

When you loved me

before the complications of the day

took over what our hearts

and souls needed
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