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You hide the truth.
Everything you say to me
feels like glue.
I get stuck in it
and don't know what to do...
I always end up finding out the truth,
just not from you.
You lie to me, intentionally or not, you hide the truth. It shocks me like a broken wire, it makes me feel like I'm on fire. I don't know how to be around you and not feel used up.
Anne Jul 20
blinking sunsets creases,
dewy in concepts of me.
to you,
i was perfect.

sweet creation,
swaddled in salmon silk.
your one,
your only.

nestled in your armpit,
hushly hummed stories.
beautiful worlds,
golden mornings.

when did it all go wrong?

i've broken your heart.
i'm sorry that
i'm bad at apologies.
i get that from you.

wet face,
red throats
empty stares.

hospital lighting,
missing liquor,
endless consumption.
sadness you've never known,
until me.

our silver clouds
still glow at night.
for you,
i will win this war
against myself.

i will become someone
you're proud to know.
your baby still loves you,
and always will.
love u mom
imai Jul 20
Last night, I had my earlobes pierced.
Prior, I had two piercings on my ears.

One on either side from my childhood,
I can only faintly recall the momentary ache,
not what came after

mom took me,
as she had before,

the outcome will be worth it, she’d explained
Bear the pain,
it only lasts a short while.
It won’t be long 'till the stinging subsides,
and all that will be left,
is a place you can adorn
with glittering gold and shimmering silver
and not-so-witty anecdotes and pretty metaphors,

I let myself be swept in her pace again,
Two new wounds to be embellished.


Perhaps, I’ve regressed
but it hurts more than it did before.
ye ouch
abi hayes Jul 13
Mother knows best,

but I've put
this ink
on my skin as
a reminder
that I am
not the
child who
died in that
I was forced
to build a
place where
I belong,
and now that
I've Finally
created a place...

you want me back.

But I am
not the
child who
died in that
I am a

Pr nandni Jul 11
The excursion of a mother commences when she EMBRACES the child as a boon,
A life long relevance emanated from your WOMB..
To enter into this wicked world i took a gap ,
To comprehend the despicable i stayed in your lap....

I ****** her blood, changed her appetite
I was no more than a PARASITE
She supplied me TONES of calcium
All my skeleton , all my FLESH she owns
She ENDURED those mood swings ,
Nausea, vomiting that i brought
He was expecting his heredity, his PRIDE
She was HAPPY that i exist,
She loved me from very start
I stole her breathe , but she embraced my heart......

From 1st trimester, because of her my heart is BEATING
If i didn't love her back that would be a CHEATING

A sense of TRUST that can't be broken ,
A depth of love sometimes UNSPOKEN....
You SACRIFICED yourself to evolve me like our heart as ONE ,,,,
A link that can never be UNDONE...
Every time you realise how intelligent you are ,think about your mother. How brilliant is she, and imagine how much more she could done if she got that chance !
Somewhere we are also responsible for her stalled career ...
but we hesitate to even express our gratitude to her.....
Jay M Jul 11
I am my mothers daughter
I speak with truest tongue
I feel deeper than the ocean
I know more than I share
I see the smallest things
And embrace them in my light

I am my mothers daughter
I smile with greatest joys
Or just to keep the peace

I am my mothers daughter
I will bear my burdens
Carry some to my grave
Others I will share
Save me from despair

I am my mothers daughter
I have her bright eyes
The curiosity of a cat
And the hearing of a bat

I am my mothers daughter
With her tender heart
And lively, wild soul

I am my mothers daughter
I hold my words with time
Patience is a virtue
With a cost worth more than gold

I am my mothers daughter
I seek love and peace
I hold my tongue and let it go
Oh some surely know

I am my mothers daughter
I will endure a bleeding heart
If all is well in the end
For I have not yet met my own

I am my mothers daughter
Dutiful indeed
Always to put others
Before our own need

I am my mothers daughter
I wish for nothing more
Than a life of happiness and adventures
All to call my own

I am my mothers daughter
The many things we share
We know more than we say
And take it to the grave

- Jay M
July 10th, 2021
My mom and I are quite similar.
Ally Ann Jul 8
I have been told I look like my mother
in the way we laugh at the same jokes
and show love through our eyes,
emotions never quite being able to hide
and I always take these comments in
with so much admiration and pride,
yet when my mother says she hates how she looks
I begin to think that is a reflection of me.
If we are the same
does she not point these poisonous thoughts
at my chest too?
Bulls-eye patterned loathing
that strikes in the same place twice,
and I am left to wonder whether
her self-hatred is not just for one
but for two.
I'll probably write a longer poem on this, but I needed to get something down
honeyed Jun 28
she tries to love me the best she can,
but its never enough

everyone says i look sad in pictures,
even when i'm smiling
i think its because my inner child is showing

you'll try to love me the best you can,
but it won't be enough
unfortunate is the child who's parents are incapable of loving enough
Ara Apr 2020
I spilled some blood on the bathroom floor, mama,
But I swear it was an accident.
See, my hand slipped across porcelain, mama;
My skin tore like satin.

The paint flowed like a river then, mama,
And colored me a crimson sunset.
Oh, but it made such a mess, mama,
And I know messes make you upset.

So close your eyes, mama,
'Cause you're weeping red and the tears might stain.
Red for your lost love and red for scarlet fire,
and red for the young rose cut from the briar.

Maybe now I could be poetry, mama
The type you wrote about in your younger days.
Golden sun swallowed in carmine, mama
With its last rays dying in a blaze.
Trigger warning: self harm/suicide implied.
Copyright © 2019 Aranza V. Soto Torres. All rights reserved.
Once I lived inside of you.
Your body was my first home.
I will miss you so much
When you go...
and I will be homesick
for the rest of my days.
As my mom’s life ebbs away, I am learning so much about love and time and pain. I have hope for both of our futures. I believe her spirit will always be with me, but the shelter of her arms will not. This is love and it is worth the pain.
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