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kainat Apr 17
Let’s jaunt to the golden time of childhood
when days were blithe, life was colorful
peers were guileless, words were sweet
simple was the life, above all worries

juvenility brought its own jiff
which turned into teen with eye blink
yen of being adult started vanishing
As the real face of life revealed

clay castles that were made in nursery
perished with the wind of bleakness
worldly needs displaced naive wants
bitterness took place of sweet words

the Wisdom of youth is vital too
perks of being conscious have their value
still miss that innocence of good days
whose charms are lost in this whirl.
every age has its own charm but some childhood memories are unforgettable
kainat Apr 7
A deafening silence,
like a train left the station
infused inside me
kainat Mar 28
She born as a sad news, starts burgeoning
as she grows, her miseries following
flows with the rhythm, held in curtailment
reach to the juncture of a new lament
Wedlock with duty, chore and torturing
tis’ chapter of her life yet keeps going.
Getting older and older by inchmeal
bids adieu to her beauty with genteel
and bidding farewell to her weary soul
In grave unrequited, another book closed.
kainat Mar 23
People name that place a paradise,
where painful screams are heard; but unheard
the Walking Souls are dealt to be soulless
the Blood is shed as a vain fluid
where Heartless beings are imposed to be escorted

People name that place a paradise,
where Sun rises with hope; but unhope
the Wanton is unbridled in his tyranny
and Victim is to be hushed unattended
where each Atom tells the story of oppression

People name that place a paradise,
where laughter became the part of past
that is mortuary but not a homeland
where Lively spirits are declared hollow
where humanity is just taken for granted

   People name that place a paradise
where painful screams will be heard; but unheard...
kainat Mar 17
giving a re-birth
slaying some time yet with mirth
but still, love is worth
kainat Mar 14
what about that day, thou left me lone?
what about the nights, thou made me cry?
what about the scars that you gave?
what about my place, that you exchanged?

nothing can ever soothe this pain
i tried hard but all was in vain
kainat Mar 13
Fear of unseen
is terrifying, every being.
men are aloof,
no matter under the same roof
your loved one is ailing
but the dread of phage is prevailing.
Alas! that lethal plight
robust mortals are losing might

— The End —