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Stalwart Dull Apr 20
They're attractive to see
long, thin, sharp as nails
they grow slow like snails
its life is one long jubilee

Butterfly is not a meal
but when they flew in your stomach, it felt surreal
is something that you cannot steal
a hunger that is hard to fulfill

As when thorns and butterflies collide,
You wouldn't even know how to survive
Thorns will **** you for a while
The worst feeling that you cannot hide

Thorns will pierce you and the pain is mild
Butterflies will die, even if they go wild.
LC Apr 2021
closing my eyes as the sunlight kissed the window
a blooming rose lightly caressing my face,
confessing his deep, passionate love,
wrapping his leaves around me,
protecting me with his mild, earthy scent,
loving me with softness and strength.
#escapril day 5!
I'm glad
To know you
You got that warm smile
Understanding mind
Everything seems mild

Thank God
For that day
The day 1 I met you
It was awkward
But I didn't lose my words

I hope
This will be everlasting
The tranquility you gave
The comfort you hold
I wish it will last forever
Happy birthday gf. 143.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
"Come to me,
my little one;
We're going to have,
alot of fun.
I'll make this playtime,
a pleasure for you;
So come on in,
take off your shoes."
Just what they meant,
I did not know;
As I entered my bedroom,
of pink and gold.
My little hands,
began to sweat;
Down my back,
shivers were sent.
They laid me on,
my Minny Mouse sheets;
I was not happy,
I was not pleased.
They tortured me,
that's how it felt;
And then they told me,
not to tell.
They walked away,
bearing a smile;
They left behind,
a tortured child.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Yours is the kind of love I once wished
The feeling that favored not just what I can give
but who I am - light and dark.
For years, it didn't change.
Instead, it grew stronger with every spark.
It's ever beautiful, peaceful and mild.
It's what I can call mine.
It's what I can call ours.
We may be apart but ours is the feeling
I'm quite certain as I am sure.
For you embedded my heart with words
that bring warmth like the sun's rays,

Avec vous, toujours
With you, always.
Io Sep 2018
To sit and watch
Lost in a forest of thoughts
Some memories chirp and sing, others creak in the chill wind
Drifting effortlessly across the moss covered ground, wandering aimlessly through the suffocating underbrush

Shadows race across the ground; before long molten gold melts into the tree of my memories
Mechanical waves drown the songs of my birds, distant shouts replace the wind through the leaves

It’s dark
Go home
matcha May 2018

it's a feeling and a sense.
everyone wants something or someone.

what do i want?

i want
to hold your hand.

i want
to kiss your knuckles.

i want
to tell you how gorgeous you are.

i want
to see the crinkles at the corner of your eyes when you smile.

i want
your breath to tickle my neck ever so slightly as you rest.

i want
to run my fingers through your hair gently.

i want
to hear your wondrous laugh.

i want
your cushioned lips on my skin.

i want
your simple presence.

i want
i want
i want
i want

i want these mild thoughts to go away.

they taunt me everyday for reasons unknown.

for reasons that i'd like to know.

but i don't.

so, i'm stuck in a constant state of confusion and frustration.

i'm stuck because i never bother to tame these thoughts.

i'm stuck because i choose to wait rather than do.

it's just too mild.

too mild for my cringing heart.
idk what this is, but it's just soft things.
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