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E McNamara Mar 2018
I loved Him
Like the moon loved the stars
I studied him
Like the stargazers
A masterpiece

Please be mine
Never to be mine

Two planets
With different routes
Desperately wanting.

I destroyed myself
For you.
So that my meteors
Would go closer
Than I ever could,
I’m yours for good
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
It's beautiful if you just float. Let the clouds give you pace on this spiritual boat.

The solar beams gleam through the steam, wafting off the radiating stream.

Beneath me a spirit, above me the genesis. Intergalactic boulders batter through the ozone. Laying waste to the land.

From the waste of destruction lays the fertility to a new world. A universe self aware. Seeded by the space rocks, for we are only atoms and bits made possible when the meteor hits.
Angharad Aug 2017
Stepping through into darkness
Street lights drowned out by solid silhouettes of trees
Distant stars brought closer
In awe of the dramatic beauty of the vast night sky
Feet still
Face upwards
Eyes drinking in the fullness of space
Blue light traces as shooting stars race
Vision made aware of bursts of incredible meteors
Moving through my universe
I would stay and drown for hours in the deep ocean of the stars
Glad to feel so small against something with no edge
Limitless mysterious infinity
The Perseids Meteor shower. Nature's theatre
blue mercury May 2017
i could never ever  forget the night i met nari. it was like magic, like the powers that be wanted our destinies to collide, to crash, to blend.

it was the night a meteor shower was to come to my small town. people came from neighbouring cities just to see them, these bright lights, these shooting stars. everyone was camping out, the high school's football field covered with trucks and blankets and tents. There were even people cuddling with blankets wrapped around them in the bleachers, their words filling the air as they prepared to stare at the sky, prepared to see something more beautiful than anything they'd ever seen.

i was doing the same, sitting in the back of my dad's truck with a blanket over my shoulders, but i was beginning to doze off. i was feeling a sensation much like falling, when i heard a someone speaking in my direction.

"need help staying awake?"

it turns out, i didn't need to stare at the sky and see a meteor shower to see something more beautiful than anything i'd ever seen. i just needed to open my eyes and look at her. she was smiling, and god, she had a smile that grow flowers, birth stars, and mend butterfly wings. and she was smiling. at. me.

an excerpt from chapter one of my cute short story ft. mira and nari

(irl mira don't be mad that i used ur name i just love the name and used it, but i can change it if you have beef)
Genevieve Aug 2016
I look up at the stars

And I see you.
Pauline Morris May 2016
In my dream the other night
Meteors where in flight
They streaked across my midnight sky
Like fireworks on the 4th of July
Forever screaming through space
Far above this sad human race
As I watched such beauty rain through the heavens
The nightingale's song did beckon

It brought my attention back to the ground
Horrified by what I found
Hairless apes that swung down from the trees
Are now on bended knees
I heard them praying to their Gods
They seemed to be at odds
I seen them on their bellies crawl
Look up to the sky in awe
For they feared his wrath
They feared his laugh
Praying to an unseen entity
When mother nature held the remedy

I turn my attention back to the star sprinkled sky
But even there thing's where starting to go awry
The sky was falling into the deepest darkest hole
A hole so greedy it refused to even let the light go
The world started to spin
The hairless apes screamed it was because of the other man's sin
Refusing to see sin belongs to each of them
Instead they just chartered
About the depravity of one another, none of it matter

Colors no one had ever seen swirled by
It was the most pleasing journey to the eye  
As I rode the earth into the void
Streaking into the blackness like an asteroid
Relishing the thought human nature would soon be destroyed

But I fell like a stone
Waking up in my bed alone
T.V. showing the morning news
Terrorist plotting against the Jews
Everyone hating on one another
Their religion is their cover, trying to use it to smother
Them apes are to blind to see
That thier imaginary entity
Is the original sin
Another reason for men to hate men
I just let this poem flow
It went where it wanted to go
I had no control
Elizabeth Mar 2016
In the dark we marked tattoos of
disintegrating constellations
on our rib cages,
our fingernails filled with ink.
We were told they would last
forever on 19 year old skin
when carved on the night where
each fallen brother of Sun kissed
our mid-August goosebumps.

The weight of our bodies
cut into the grass.
We came back the next evening to
watch these human Grand Canyons
sink deeper to Earth's liquid center
underneath flashlight flickers of an
approaching thunderstorm,
each bolt echoing on the hearts
of Lake Michigan fish.
The trees fell inside our craters
as we walked backward to my car,
fearing for our lives, but
immobile from each reaching meteor.

Perseus fell through Earth's granite throat,
parabolic melting of night sky.
Collapsed Big Dipper and Ursa Major
illuminated our chests
over shadow of dying white pine.
Written about observing the Perseid Meteor Shower in August of 2015. Truly a spectacle that everyone should witness in their lifetime.
Meteors falling
And I'm wasting my wishes
On your sorry ***
cyanide skies Aug 2015
I looked for a good morning
under a sky that didn't feel right
the meteor showers can't end
just because night has
and daylight has broken
broken out
of the chrysanthemum cage
the starry starry night
had put in place
and when my good morning eclipsed
into a wilted noon
I decided to wait
wait out the day
and it slipped right by me
so I looked for a good night
and the night wasn't
as starry starry
as it had been before
but the meteors were still there
awaiting my delicate eyes
and when I saw the trail of fire
I knew I'd receive
a beautiful good morning.
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
These years are speeding darkly
Since the epiphany. You don't get
A lot of those.
Last night
On the beach I laid back to watch
The shooting stars; some say
The heavenly stars. The Perseids
Burned indiscriminately,
I counted two.

I was starstruck watching
The four satelites,
In a pre-determined orbital,
That would burn as sure as
A ghetto.

Ogling the dark spaces;
Comforted, there's more stars
Out there for some other reason.
And wham. It happened , always unexpected.
It's not because something's not there;
It's because it never was, but for
Two meteors and four satelites.
I saw the light.
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