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Mae Ellen Nov 2019
I grew up
Taking my best friends to
School dances
Arms linked, cheeks hurt from
Laughing because
Her frame, heightened by the tall heels
Pulled me all over her, stumbling
A peck on the cheek,
show off for the
Ticket sellers,
Discounted couple's tickets, girls piling in one after another
Sometimes with a real date on their arm

Everyone did it, we never thought there was something wrong

Wishful thinking, on my part, that she ever did it for more than the price.
My school dances were filled with grinding teenagers and superficial love. I went to as many as I could.
Gabby Mar 2019
Her name is Anima
And she's not Maria Clara
Nor mia khalifa
She's a girl with class
She's so sensitive like glass
And when she reply my heart beat is in blast
I don't want to rush
But everytime she calls me baby everything is like flash
Hit me like bass
I know this feeling will not last
But this is not just a crush
Cupid's arrow is just so fast
I try to run
Thinking the moon is not for the sun
This is like a game of guns
My heart is the prize
And who lose she will lost her life
I don't wanna lose
But just staring at you
I'm overdosed
Quotedbykayla Nov 2018
“Was thy loved ones’ existence still present
when she hassled an ***** position
to fulfil her responsibilities?
Where she endured multitudinous battles,
inhibiting every single darted tear
dying to transpire.
Her frame of mind wavering as she
suppressed her deadly psychosis,
stirring the emotions of her loved ones.
Unenlightened was thou
that as she rooted in their presence,
she nonchalantly decays within.
Her vehemence veiled into resisting mankind
fishing upon her burdens.
Insofar she is overpowered
by the mere evidence that she
cannot silence her sorrows."
Read pt.2 for the continuation!!!!
It was all too fast and unexpected. Suddenly I was there meeting a complete stranger not knowing what to expect. She was heartbreaker and I knew it deep down but I ignored all the red flags for all those butterflies and rainbows. She knew where my buttons were, she knew when to push them, she knew how to play a girl very well. And now I'm left feeling like a fool because she has moved on to her next prey.
Quotedbykayla Aug 2018
when did it become so painful

why did it get to a point of it being so hurtful?

the search to find a trusted one goes dead,

with the battle to have one to speak to,

emotions are trapped inside my head.

for the love we gave was yet so sweet,

but pure,

we still couldn't find the medication to cure.

then blood became sweeter than tears,

when we dragged our blades,we overcame each fear.

it flowed like the rivers,

so fast you feel the shivers.

the life in our veins

disappeared one by one-after each pain.

we became one and diverse,

when we sharpen each pen

and write a new verse.

a promise of security,

yet still take away my purity.

they told her to remain silent,

but how can she- when they still stay so violent

what did you expect love,

for them to treat us with respect?
Quotedbykayla Aug 2018
My veins- diluted with anger;

so powerful; i feel capable of doing anything destructive-

to myself more than anything else.

You see the thing is;

you see my smile everyday,

but little do you see the true emotion behind.

Behind is something much most crazier than you think,

yet inevitable to believe.

Bigger than just a phase,

certainly deeper than just personality,

much bigger than what you know and have been told.

You see-the reality is:

i'm a wreck...

understanding enough- you probably didn't even know.

I cover the other me with my jokes'

with my games,

with my smiles,

with kindness and humility,

and all those lies.

Do you think that it's crazy to not fear death,

but fear life most.

Life lives to play with lives-

we can battle it out,

you'll probably win,

after the powers whisper to pierce the blade through my skin
'we can play the game and battle it out,you'll probably win, when the pistol reaches for my mouth, and the powers whisper to pierce the blade through my skin'
Quotedbykayla Aug 2018
She cleaves onto her like a blunt razor-
stroked onto the mustache of a young man.
If only she was omniscient enough into resisting
the beguiling beauty within and beyond the tangible.
She constantly craves composition within thine peoples,
yet they make augured gore holes into her oesophagus.

Lesser does she know to refrain from it,
yet more she knows to stay.
More does she know their separated fortune,
lesser she chooses to be borne in hand.
Her notion is of higher standards,
yet still the lowest.

Scarf up thine eyes;
Plug up thou ears;
Tape up thine mouths;
Nevertheless chop off thy tongue
blue mercury May 2017
i could never ever  forget the night i met nari. it was like magic, like the powers that be wanted our destinies to collide, to crash, to blend.

it was the night a meteor shower was to come to my small town. people came from neighbouring cities just to see them, these bright lights, these shooting stars. everyone was camping out, the high school's football field covered with trucks and blankets and tents. There were even people cuddling with blankets wrapped around them in the bleachers, their words filling the air as they prepared to stare at the sky, prepared to see something more beautiful than anything they'd ever seen.

i was doing the same, sitting in the back of my dad's truck with a blanket over my shoulders, but i was beginning to doze off. i was feeling a sensation much like falling, when i heard a someone speaking in my direction.

"need help staying awake?"

it turns out, i didn't need to stare at the sky and see a meteor shower to see something more beautiful than anything i'd ever seen. i just needed to open my eyes and look at her. she was smiling, and god, she had a smile that grow flowers, birth stars, and mend butterfly wings. and she was smiling. at. me.

an excerpt from chapter one of my cute short story ft. mira and nari

(irl mira don't be mad that i used ur name i just love the name and used it, but i can change it if you have beef)

— The End —