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You are the sun in the solar system,
Somehow pulling everyone into your orbit.
Even passer by asteroids like myself
Get captured and entranced
By the gravitas of your enigma.
Forever stuck in the same trajectory,
Always circling back to you.
How do you do it?
for john. this is based on a joke he made that was weird but funny.
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
Our bodies fit perfectly
hearts racing rapidly
lips harmonising ceaselessly

Nebula gawks
making asteroids stop
No evidences,
just stars,

No one but You and I

Gleaming stones dull
In comparison,
set aside to our
brewing passion

You light my day
like carousels do
to a carnival
developed from the verses of a close friend, Inspired from my life
Erian Rose Apr 2019
We'll be tracing the stars
Across the midnight sky
Hands intertwined in the glistening snow
If only you'd know

Performing like asteroids
Flying in the air
When you're around me
Falling, falling
If only you'd know

We'd piece the suns together
Like a puzzle in our hands
countlessly reaching
Hoping we won't land
If only you'd know

I see the universe growing
In your eyes
A smile, a laugh
That illuminates the skies
If only you'd know

We'll be tracing the stars...
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
I just wanna rock with you.
If your down let's find a place to go.
The stars are out.
In an honest world the clouds have no say so.
To deny the vibe you give.
Light, airy.
They'd all run from you.
The clouds that unreasonably linger about.
The arms of your galaxy infinitely stretched.
Kindled in rotation.
The dynamics a simple smile can make.
A sort of religious happening.
Expanding with time.
Let's find a place to go.
Nothing but space
In the cosmos of you.
The hint twinkles.
We spiral in orbit.
Inhaling bright hue.
The analogy of aesthetics.
All together in vibe.
Asteroids appearing at the right time.
Sincerely running towards you.
Another galaxy that mimics the millennium of fantasy.
Alone in the blink of an eye.
Starstruck in the center of the universe.
Her universe.
In the galaxy of her arms,
We clash.
Colliding in bright hue
Poetry Art Sep 2017
Staring at the vast universe,
Where I belong,
I wonder how wonderful,
The galaxy could be,
If I am nearer,
Will the stars burn me,
Will the asteroids hit me,
Will I just go without the presence of gravity,
Or will I just fall inlove,
And continue exploring,
The galaxy's mystery?
Pauline Morris May 2016
In my dream the other night
Meteors where in flight
They streaked across my midnight sky
Like fireworks on the 4th of July
Forever screaming through space
Far above this sad human race
As I watched such beauty rain through the heavens
The nightingale's song did beckon

It brought my attention back to the ground
Horrified by what I found
Hairless apes that swung down from the trees
Are now on bended knees
I heard them praying to their Gods
They seemed to be at odds
I seen them on their bellies crawl
Look up to the sky in awe
For they feared his wrath
They feared his laugh
Praying to an unseen entity
When mother nature held the remedy

I turn my attention back to the star sprinkled sky
But even there thing's where starting to go awry
The sky was falling into the deepest darkest hole
A hole so greedy it refused to even let the light go
The world started to spin
The hairless apes screamed it was because of the other man's sin
Refusing to see sin belongs to each of them
Instead they just chartered
About the depravity of one another, none of it matter

Colors no one had ever seen swirled by
It was the most pleasing journey to the eye  
As I rode the earth into the void
Streaking into the blackness like an asteroid
Relishing the thought human nature would soon be destroyed

But I fell like a stone
Waking up in my bed alone
T.V. showing the morning news
Terrorist plotting against the Jews
Everyone hating on one another
Their religion is their cover, trying to use it to smother
Them apes are to blind to see
That thier imaginary entity
Is the original sin
Another reason for men to hate men
I just let this poem flow
It went where it wanted to go
I had no control
Birdy Feb 2016
If discovering the planetary body
Where you found your home
Would mean that I get to see you again

Then I would
March through stars
Dance on asteroids and
Befriend moons
Until I'd find you
Until we see again.
Thoughtful Mar 2015
Bruises are supernovas under your skin,
Your lover likes to experience life to the fullest.
you don’t stop them when they get angry because they’re all you’ve got.
Scratches on your face are asteroid belts,
They hit you last week because you got home late.
You don’t say anything as you cover them with makeup and move on.
Busted lips are solar flares,
they make a mess and irritate you.  
You don’t move when their arms start flailing.
Broken bones are the time-space continuum,
In the hospital you don’t say anything,
they say that they won’t touch you like that anymore.
The drug addiction is a **** blackhole,
It’s ******* the life out of you,
They stay out late. They don’t look at you.
Cutting is the stellar nursery,
welcome to the end yet beginning of your new life.
Your parents know they’ve done something to you.
The expansion of the universe loses a star or two.
But the abuse just like the universe,
hard to imagine.
Katzenberg Jul 2014
Streams and some remains,
Nothing soars around this vessel,
it feels just like blood stains;
reality is just a sick game.

Invisible particles of light
that reach their critical mass;
and suddenly explode outside.
(…and suddenly burst in my mind.)

Wander across barren wastelands,
Drifting throughout burning planets.
Come to me whatever you do,
Wherever you are, come with me.

I can see through an empty soul,
carving the black pits that singe inside;
blending the coldness of your foreign heart,
your trust in me can be my demise.

Stones raining from below,
darkness surrounds my scars;
the glasses of this artificial frigate are not bullet proof.
(…the windows of my ship are not ice-static proof.)

And remain in silence,
and forever believing,
that my love is against you
and my hate is loving you.
Marly May 2014
she expected
f  i  r  e  w  o  r  k  s
when she first kissed him.
little did she know that she was going to become the fireworks.

she was an easy target, and he had good aim.
as soon as she f
into his grasp, he was quick to send her back from where she came.

crowds gathered.
fathers' hands silenced their children's mouths as his loaded her into the mortar.
mothers' hands covered their children's ears as his lit the fuse.

she was shot forward by a merciless puff of dragon's breath,
and as she looked over her shoulder,
she saw the ash leaking from his nostrils.

stars beckoned to her.
glimmering, shimmering, shining stars extended their fiery hands to her already outstretched ones.
she rose higher and higher,
filling her lungs with the last bit of oxygen that was left,
and screamed.

he screamed.
her flaming body parts rained down in the form of asteroids, striking him.
stars spelled out her name and pulsed weakly like his dying heartbeat.
they both went from "are" to "were" in a matter of seconds, and everyone knew that their chemical reaction was triggered by fireworks.

— The End —