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Devon Gonzalez Mar 2018
Aggravation at its most ascended accumulation.
Children dying
"leaders" lying.
Truth has become a shell game.
1 truth three cups.
At a proper buy the truth is veiled under the same shell of a lie.
Slid left, slid right, around up, underneath down.

The jabs, the *******. Being a good person doesn't matter anymore.

If you have the volume you have the room.
How many eyes are glued not how many truths are viewed.

We're all victims of our chemicals.
It's not too hard to exchange a hug for something comical.
How many will laugh makes you right.
At this rate the truth seeker gives up the fight.

The end of it all.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
The warmth pierces through me
The masses become massive
It's all a facade
They will never find me here drifting among the microscopic

I am lost yet never felt so at home.
Among my presence drifts the dust from the Sahara
Among me the breath of Geniuses
Among us the dreams of Martin Luther King
Here in this natural place I feel so super
I am lost in the humanity

The sunlight found me and told me all that is true;
We are all the same, just mostly carbon

It's strange, I know.
We seek without first seeking within.
All you are is all you need.
You are natural and in this moment you are super.
  Jan 2018 Devon Gonzalez
When all else
has been
flogged by time,
beaten by uncertainty
and consumed
by the earth...

All that’s left...

Is the salt
disowned by
indulgent cascades.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
Floating in the navy blue abyss.
Weeds of the sea
floating atop the choppy water.
At first glance you wouldn't tell the difference between it and myself;
lifeless, lost, detached from where I came.
I ask it who am I?
Who are we?
It drifts south, a reminder of the love that moved on.
It's easy to depart from something so stagnant.

Each meter further down
the navy turns to black.
Alone, every life reserve severed.
Afloat within the darkness.
Here I am with only myself,
contemplating my karma.
Gravity seems to have retired at the surface.
Disoriented and empty.
Being down feels up,
and what's left feels right.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
A ****** in space that will see no trial.
The opaque, only a predisposition.
Atoms tear away from themselves,
on a death march to the greater void.
She consumes all,
letting love in.
It sneaks through disguised as only an energy.
It is that and more.
Through the decaying matter,
A piercing beacon through the destruction.

Seventeen billion light years off from the light eating sphere.
A juxtaposition of the forgotten and remembered.

The atomic information perhaps lost forever.
The love lays imprisoned within, but never will die.
An energy doesn't know how.
An immortal resides inside the darkness.
Patient for its next chance.
Mathematics say a multiverse may live within the black.
Yet it all seems so naive, for we already know life thrives in destruction.
Wether it's proteins consumed or supernovas entombed.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
A perfect equilibrium,
gravitationally balanced between Luna and Earth.
A place in space where peace gives birth.

Earth at my head and Luna at my feet.
Up and down does not reside here,
where my soul has found the cure.

Here I am alone, to watch the Earth kneel to its orbit.
Here in this point, hell I can forget.

The clouds become shrouds around the wet body. Mountain tips peek through weather thick and thin, piercing through the polluted sin.

Luna at my feet, in a tidal lock.
She only shows her face,
waiting on an orbital clock.

Fifty billion years till Earth returns the synchronous favor.
Looks her in the eye and and her beauty she will savor.
A thank you for the ocean wave,
and the path to life she did pave.
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