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Nathalie Aug 30
I have been moved
By this tangled
Web of
Unearthing beauty
To which I am still
Catching my breath

I have been touched
By captivating emotions
To which pieces of
My heart have
Been revealed
To a dream I had
Never met

I have been introduced
By fate's hand with time
A moment of grace
And a gift of love
So pure
That I am now
Mesmerized and
Filled with this
Aliveness and light
That will forever endure

Isaac Aug 24
But I watch your eyes, as she
Walks by
What a sight for
Sore eyes
Brighter than a
Blue sky
She's got you
While I die
by conan gray and i think it's beautiful
ktle May 10
Beneath the canopy of darkness
And the yellow of the street lamps.
We walk at the pace of a traveler
With no map or destination.
We journey down the sidewalk with
Goosebumps on our skin,
And a dimmed fire in our hearts,
The small distance between us
Being the only warmth
Against the harsh winter air.
You point your nose towards the sky
And let out a little laugh--
A little cloud escapes into the night--
And mesmerized, I find myself smiling
And when i look up, I swear I can see
The stars smiling too.
And as I watch the movement of your lips,
And as I listen to the sound of your voice,
I decide that the late winter nights
Are most beautiful
As long as they’re with you
the fourth poem i wrote my boyfriend (back before we dated) from about a year and a half ago :)
Mrs Anybody Mar 6
i was
by your movements

the way
your hands
danced over
the drums

the way
your face
lightened up
when you played
the rhythm right

the way
you groaned
when you didn't

the way
you laughed
at the same time
with us
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Bongani G-kay Feb 11
Under a spell you cast
I'm mesmerized
I can't even memorize
The past or the one i should call my last....
Seems like everytime
Time pass we replace
What is in past with us like a dust for us to be able to bind with things
we find on a journey we call life
So we mesmerise
Good and bad memory
we memorize🌹
Pluto Aug 2019
I often glance at you
But fear my eyes will get trapped in your gaze
Like staring into the sun
To the point of unconsciousness
My mind drifting through space and time

And then...


Your head shifts away and the spell finally...

Shaxy Aug 2018
She was a
breathtaking beauty
that kept him
eternally mesmerized.
She had put him in such a Godly spell,
and he could not stop staring at her.
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