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Pluto Aug 4
I often glance at you
But fear my eyes will get trapped in your gaze
Like staring into the sun
To the point of unconsciousness
My mind drifting through space and time

And then...


Your head shifts away and the spell finally...

Shaxy Aug 2018
She was a
breathtaking beauty
that kept him
eternally mesmerized.
She had put him in such a Godly spell,
and he could not stop staring at her.
Krishnapriya Jun 2018
My thoughts are scattered again
Like a jar of mustard seeds
Fallen all over
the kitchen floor
from the window till the door

One flash of Your smile
They all come back as one
LNI Apr 2018
With loathe and resentment
I wish for contentment
But there ain't too much of a thrill
When my emptiness cannot be filled.

With pills and black heels
I'm paying my bills
But my emotional debt
as you bet, I tend to neglect.

Yes, I acknowledge
it has gotten to be a bit of a pleasure
feeling so much displeasure

But ****** has mothered me so much
And now I am mesmerized by her soft touch

And people ask WHY
But don't they know that I swore to die?

I need sleep,
But Morpheus must be a Scorpius
As he is my star, my king
with his burning sting

I don't mind
If I've become blind
As I've already survived from that tainted spring
where Tiresias got his mortal drink

And maybe
I'll transform myself into a man for seven years
Penanced to **** sacred deers
But my ******* are blessed
to cut them off my chest

How could I eradicate myself?
death, deathmonger, soft, touch, pleasure, debt, heels, bills, mesmerized, addiction, ******, addicted, pills, why, die, Scorpius, Morpheus, king, star, sleep, deer, sacred, years, blessed, breast, transform, man, chest, cut off, penanced, **** eradicate, myself
Dustin Dean Jan 2018
Situated where they are
Give way from each side
In the shell of a deep well
Telling that this is nobody's land
But I don't care
I'm dancing towards her
The most riveting wells
Lie between burnt auburn shells
I'm far away from the outside
But I'm feeling safe and sound
With each step ensuring
The final point of no return
Lost, but surely found
Seema Dec 2017

Your eyes twinkle in the night
Like the bright star sparks a light
I'm mesmerized by this sight
How do I express you this feeling tonight?*

Xallan Oct 2017
Should I move, the mind will break-
A lost connection
A wall fallen between
And built again with limp hands-
I see your eyes and look past the darkness
I see your smile and look past your joy
You don't understand yet- oh, you will
I speak- low and slow-
Like a riverbed- and the words-
Flow over your head and soak into your mind and soul
Is it rain or a waterfall- I cannot tell-
Should it be the latter, we have reached the edge
There is no time but heartbeats' rhythym
What a dog, follow my commands-
To save my life you'd jump from the sky
But I won't be there when you fall-
You can't land-
You're heaven-sent
There is no nonsense and no rhyme
Darkness falls- sun sets- paralyze time-
Forget my whispers now, they mean nothing
Sleep now-
Xallan Oct 2017
Your wet eyes-
Follow my cues helplessly
You accept the needles
Driven in without protest
Falling in time with my rhythm
Drooping slow, a slur of thought
I make you forget your misery-
Your soft lips-
Hang open sleepily
As my whispered words
Drift through your ears
To reach your mind-
Deep, penetrating, and echoing
Obey my voice
You'll never regret your leaps of faith-
Your dull senses-
Bring your dreams to reality
I can touch your mind
Pulsing in time to your frequency-
I comfort your anxieties
Cure you of fear and worry
Falling into my arms
Drown your sorrows-
Your warm heart-
Slow to a beat steadily
The smell of honeydew fills
Your thoughts and over you
The scent of soap washes
You aren't high- you're low-
I dissolve your insecurity
Compliant to my lies
I relax your tension
I set you free-
Your tipsy smiles-
Dawn on your face perpetually
Your thoughts are mine
Convinced you can do anything-
I hypnotize your mind
Keeping you in a trance
I give you hope to pursue
I take your will-
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