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The Unsung Song Jul 2018
Like a lost soul on a train to nowhere.
That’s how I feel.
Without cause, however never lacking consequence.
Punishment without reason.
And reward being nonexistant.
I feel forgotten as a soul does when it has miniscule effect on reality.
The Unsung Song Jun 2018
I wish it were without pain.
I wish it was just fantasy.
But it's not.

I wish I could say that everything's gonna be alright.
I wish I could give that comfort.
But it's not.

Time is unraveling and there is nothing you can do about it.
You can ignore every stressor in your life,
but time moves on.

Whether you decide that you want to spend every minute of your day,
in your room.
It doesn't matter.
Because Either way,
time unravels the same.
The Unsung Song May 2018
As the sun rises in the east,
the sky fills with light.
Faded yellows absorb the dark hues of the night.
Gone are the blues and purples of darkness.

As the normal person wakes,
they make breakfast.
As I wake,
I ponder my own being.

Am I good enough?
The age old question that has been asked since the dawn of man.
I know the question will never be fully answered.
And I know I will have to live with the **** truth,
I am not good enough.

As the sun grows higher into the sky,
your life long companion,
your shadow,

The normal person is making breakfast,
but I am instead still forcing myself to sleep.
I cannot bear waking up.
I shove my feelings down my throat and force my dreams to appear.

I dream of a time when humanity was defined,
not by what they said on the internet,
but by what they did to help there friends.

I dream of a time when humanity had morals,
had beliefs,
but most importantly,
had love.

The sun begins to set in the west.
The bright colors of day begin to fade into the dark hues of night once more.
This amazing deep orange comes through the clouds in the distance.

The normal person is having dinner,
but instead I am looking out of the window in my bedroom,
which I haven't left in three days.
My heart and mind ache with thought.

My body feels like a waste of space.
It feels like god is taking his finger and pressing down on me.
I feel confined.
I feel detained.
I feel,

The sun falls back behind the houses in the distance.
Every scrap of light falls into darkness.
Nothing is left of the world.
Everything is consumed by this elusive creature represented by the lack of light.

The normal person is kissing their loved ones goodnight,
but I,
am alone.
The Unsung Song Apr 2018
I am weightless.
There is no up, no down.

My thoughts are free,
they are evolving and dissolving and revolving around other oxymoronic ideas.

My body is trapped,
it is confined, asinine, and constantly refined to what I believe,
or what I enjoy.

Why is it that every human on this Earth has to be stereotyped?
I want a world where we first ask someone how their day is going,
before texting the first person on their phone that the other person is a ****.
Don't judge others when you don't know their story to begin with.
The Unsung Song Apr 2018
It is both beautiful,
and hideous.

It is both happy,
and emotionally exhausting.

It is both wondrous,
and draining.

Life is all of these oxymorons,
but it will never stop doing one thing.

Present to future,
no other direction.
There will never be a moment to wake up yesterday.
The only option you have is to advance.

Life is advancing,

It's like a song you don't want to end because you're afraid that once it ends,
you won't want to start it over.

it's full of oxymorons.
The Unsung Song Apr 2018
I am falling to the depths of which none can recover.
I am falling below the state of the human soul.

I have become something no one understands.
I have become something hideous, and horrid.

I am failing to understand the world and
I am failing to understand myself.

I hate myself and
I hate my surroundings.

I am full of this depreciating nonsense.
I don't know where it comes from,
but my head swims in it.
I choose what to say,
as if every word might be my last.
But every thought that I have,
is destroying my will to live.

that was incorrect.

It already has destroyed my will to live.
I have wanted to say goodbye to the world for so long, but something deep down is making me stay and I hate it.
The Unsung Song Apr 2018
My mind is running in circles.

It's going from
I gotta graduate,
I gotta make straight A's,
I gotta make my momma proud.

I want to smoke,
I want to drink,
I want to die.

It's this bi-polarness that has me on edge.
I don't know if it's school,
or if it's just how ****** up I am,
but I want it gone.

I need help.
And I don't know where to get it.
My family situation isn't the best right now, please message me if you just need conversation, because so do I.
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