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Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
To see the world
It opens your eyes
Experiencing cultures
And their way of life

No words can explain
The emotions can be much
To gain something new
And have a fresh outlook

Constant learning of different ways
Broaden your being
It grows you as a person
Humbled, grounded & joyous

Heat and dryness of the desert
The openness of the ocean
The world so vast and extraordinary
With so many things to offer

Music, food, traditions
So different yet the same
Benefitting worldly wisdom
With a great deal still to wander
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Before there was you
It was emptiness
And dark skies

Until there was you
It was loneliness
And teary eyes

Now there is you
My clouds have parted
And the sun is shining through

I laugh like I’ve never
Love like I’ve never
Live like I’ve never
Because I have you
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
The trust and love you give
To one you consider dear
Only to be ripped apart,
Shredded without even a tear

Feelings not considered
Only selfish pride
To throw away a family
And set everyone aside

Interests at heart
Were only your own
To be so cold blooded
Leaves a chill on the bone

Distance divides us
In our own space
Time separates us
I forgot your face

I may have missed you
I no longer feel that way
Your actions have proved harmful
And certainly you had a price to pay
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Remember that time in Paris? I do.
Cafes and baguettes;
Eiffel tower and views

Do you remember that time in Paris
The Metro and Seine;
The streets of history

I remember that time in my Paris
Most of all I remember Cathedral Notre-Dame
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
In an instance your world can change
Taking away all you once knew
Once was there, now gone
Leaving you without a clue

An accident, maybe not
Just like that, never the same
Needing reasons a way to understand
Leave you searching for someone to blame

No answers to be found
What is, is what will be
Leave the pieces where they fall
And move on with your heart open and free

For in an instance
Your world can change
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
I hear your footsteps running
You are not far behind
I hear your footsteps further
We are running out of time

Did you hear me call your name
Did you feel the sorrow and all the pain
I hear your footsteps fading
Please don’t turn away

Your footsteps just a memory
I hear them in my dreams
Even though your footsteps have stopped
You will forever be running to me
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Lights, noise, traffic
Never quite, never dull
Always on the move

The hustle and bustle
With never ending chatter
Knowing it has something to prove

I feel the city vibes
Move thorough my bones
As they shake and rattle

We are all on a path
Going different directions
Fighting our own battles

Millions of people
Just as many cars
Streets full and packed

Thousands on transit
Travel without a seat
Jammed in until stacked

For this is the big city
And it never stops
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