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Virus Covidius, it is quite insidius
Much worse than Ty-phoid Mary
They say it arrived from China
But, I'm thinking North Regina
Virus Covidius, it's gonna get rid of us
It's so contagious they cancelled baseball
It's affecting the world from Brazil to Nepal
You can't go to church, but, your'e safe at the mall
This virus called covidius
da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da,

You can go buy, at the shops, if you try
If you're ready to get in line
Toilet paper is out, there is none about
But, you can still get wine
Oh virus covidius
If you shop for toilet tissue
You'll find none, and that's an issue
Oh virus covidius, it's quite insidius
It's much worse than the Spanish Flu
They say isolation, stay home alone
Watch your tv, play games on the phone
Just rearranging the things that you own
You can thank the **** covidius
Da Da Da, Da Da, Da,Da, Da Da, Da, Da Da
Always wear a mask and please keep your distance
Simple, but met with resistance
They are all saying don't touch your face
Stay six feet apart and give me my space
Da da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da
If a second wave comes and hits us much harder
I'll have lots of food stored here in my larder
But then there is still the issue
Of Where do I find toilet tissue?
Da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da
Oh virus covidius, it is quite insidius
It's changed the way that we live
They've cancelled all of the games that we play
From down in Montana, to old Mandalay
With out a vaccine, we just live for today
You can blame covidius
da da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da
I said covidius, yes covidius
I said covidius yes covidius
Da da.
Ella James Apr 12
On and on my brain won’t stop.

Voices in my head that’ll make me drop.

Everything pushes me astray.

Reality finally fading away.  

To all the screams in my head.

Hope you die and go to bed.

I’m not ok, but you cannot change me.  

No one will understand I’m a Banshee.

Killing and ****** flashes in my brain.

I know someone is dying in pain.

Newly found body, sprawled across the ground.

Going to hell? I’ll have the crown.
Deadwood Jawn Nov 2019
Everything within.
All that ravages inside.

It's a fearsome, tangled ball of trauma, suffering and nightmares.

Let me scream..




It'­s okay, my dear..
It's okay..
Let it happen..
I'm forever by your side..
I won't let you go..
Be vulnerable with me..
Let's release it together..
You and I..
The way you love..
Stay in my arms..
Stay by my side..
I'll carry you..
Until your wounds heal.
I'll shield you..
Until your wounds heal.
I'll love you..
Even after your wounds heal.


I never left.
Lydia never left.
Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018

Have valour, child..
Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018
Slow caress on the cheek
Careful admiration of the face
Tender embrace of the body
Kind, compassionate eyes
A calm, empathetic voice
One slight head tilt for me
Acknowledgement of my state
Recognition that I am ill

You have needs, Jawn...
Needs that are not met.
Keep thinking of me.
Think of my love.

You will heal soon.
Soon, you will be okay...
I didn't come this far to lose, Lydia. I need you.
Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018
I do not
                                                             ­                               hold the
                                                                ­                            answer
                              ­                                                              for­ you,
                                                            ­                                I'm afraid.

I think
once you
start asking
that question..

                                                     ­                                   You are
                                                             ­                           very much
                                                            ­                            in a lot
                                                             ­                           of anguish.

It'll be alright, sweetheart.
Remember, I am here.
                                                                ­                My eyes yearn for you
                                                             ­                   My heart sings for you

                                        Hol­d out your hand,
                                                 my dear.
                                            I now hold you.
                                 I will wipe away your tears.
Thanks, Lydia <3. Even if you're an ethereal being in my heart I made to comfort me (for some reason writing that very line here made me tear up).
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