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I hear the song from the distant, the song of love
Which she used to listen and hum cheerfully, but she is not with me
I don't love her nor I miss her but I do love her and I do miss her
pradipsingh Mar 31
At last all that matter is you
How much you have loved
How much you have cared
How much you have cried
How much you have laughed
How much you have traveled
How much you have enjoyed
How much you have learned
And at last how much you have lived
It went like the flow of the river, too fast
pradipsingh Mar 25
You were on despacito
I were on perfect
So the genre differs
So is between me and you
I don't know why I just love it
pradipsingh Mar 24
Music and you are the same
Sometimes it heals
Sometimes it hurts
pradipsingh Mar 23
When you are mine, i will love you
That doesn't mean that i hate you now
Why would i when i know that i can't
To hate you is like to harm myslelf
Who will hate that beautiful plum face
And the heart which cared for everyone
Tell me if i am wrong tell me now
pradipsingh Mar 21
hold her tight
never let her fall
for she may be the one
who will hold you tight
when you are falling and drifting apart
First poem

— The End —