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from dreams drenched in an ****** downpour
i woke to deep echoes of last night's thunder
rumbling over my sweat-soaked nakedness
my memory confessing an alabaster goddess
adorned in only creamy caramel tan lines
highlighted in the soft glow of a sultry moon
rising above me in her statuesque sensuality
deftly claiming me with equestrian prowess

our gaze, unbroken, blazed with fiery passion
the universe churned in deep undulations
oh love, be with me nigh into forever
let us burn into the night, seething together
drinking from each other's creamy potion
we locked ourselves in each other's embrace
becoming lost within love's kaleidoscope

our bodies seized by divine spasms
we shared our warm and blissful release
collapsing, sweetly spent, into each other
endearments whispered upon panting breaths
our delightful fury now subdued with softness
tingling skin adorned with tender kisses
fingertips caressing each other into slumber

and now, awakened in the soft blush of dawn
i find myself still in your sacred embrace
your eyes open, you softly whisper my name
i sense the approach of another distant storm
rumbling over my sweat-soaked nakedness
Keeping the chain going with a love poem inspired by the following wonderful poems:

M-E: Love Knot

BLT: Sleep, My Love.

South City Lady: Night's Sweet Seduction

Angelique: Love, Where Did She Go
There is nowhere I go
There is nothing I do
That I do not carry
The scent of you
more than air

among these stones

long I've waited

words that i honor

her circumstances

now in my eyes

long awaited

no longer

With you in tranquil repose
   diamond stars coalescing
   within our love-scented skies
The cadence of distant thunder
   echoes over our vulnerability
   revealing to our hearts in light
   what darkness hides from our eyes
Our love, manifest in heat
   burning blue-hot within
   as a newborn infantile sun
   stirring sensations upon us
   our unspoken secret lexicon
   breaching  heart to heart
   the intensity of the moment
You run rampant within me
   through this mystic serenity
   hair unfurled teasing my limbs
   staking your claim while
   making your indelible mark
   securing all that I am
   belonging to only you
Fingers clasped, sacred bond
   we open ourselves with trust
   energy flows in gentle streams
   quietly filling the empty spaces
   that life has excavated
   we surrender to the love
   that we have been given
   that nourishes and sustains
   this adoration for each other
Nature attests to what we are
   joining in our tranquil tantra
My inspired response to
“Tranquil Tantra” written by South City Lady
she seeks the depths of my cool dark forest
to settle safe within my thick strong limbs,
nestle in the hollows of my swarthy trunk,
resting in the soft moss of my sturdy roots –
she hears the lullaby that whispers from
my nearby stream from which she may
quench her heated thirst with its cool clear waters.
and when she rises to go, she knows her place
is always assured here deep within the depths
of my cool dark forest.
We shall find good things yet undone
Carving our painted ponies in time
We will play each other's melodies
In harmony's sweetest counterpoint
A flamboyantly beautiful synchrony
We stepped from the ether of our dreams
Emerging from stars, our wishes redeemed
Our heartbeats churn an elegant cream
A connection of ancestral adoration

Our sojourn through life becoming coalesced
From our fantasies, slowly into flesh manifest
Joining together, our souls meet undressed
These two paths aligned now as one

We now paint our skies with shooting stars
With blue from Jupiter and red from Mars
Racing ‘cross the universe like rented cars
An unspoken promise that speaks of forever

Creating sweet histories skin against skin
Damning inhibitions in the midst of our sin
Once finished, we hunger to do it all again
Our yearning is stronger than heaven
eliciting in me a cool, delicious shiver
the color of promise and life anew
a mellow flavor with a pleasant edge
a softness comforting these tired eyes
she's every lovely green of my palette
her heart unfurls
slowly like a beautiful

her heart explodes
intensely like a brilliant
                   we make love
      slowly, as a beautiful
           rosebud unfurling

                   we make love
   intensely, as a brilliant
     supernova exploding
“What we want is someone to be naked with,
not only in body, but in soul.”  ~ J. Iron Word

our hearts so fiercely opened

seeking truths of each other

vulnerably we surrender

inhibitions dissolving away

realms we'd never endeavor

to sojourn with any other

steeping ourselves within

the madness of our trust

that leaves us gasping

hungering to disappear

more deeply into us
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