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peeling wallpaper
2. unembossed boarskin
3. sunburnt mahogany
4. sequin firewood
5. bible page bark
6. chocolate tendrils
7. exfoliating exoskeleton
8. bleached crimson
9. acid wash chestnut
10. sycamore's elbow
Talis Ren Dec 2018
i. amaranthine
ii. immortally and eternally beautiful
iii. 6am sunrises, muted curtains, the warm feeling of sleep
iv. a white rose, the scent of nostalgia, something pure and bloodless
v. infinite memories, an open locket, lost keys
vi. unfading, everlasting
vii. us
it's funny the things you forget
when asked for an 'interesting fact' --

you sleep on them for days
and exhume them from the ground
because they matter! so deeply!!
there's no metaphor that does them justice!!
it's poetry because it isn't!!!

i don't know my siblings.
my parents sleep in my dead grandad's bed
and i received his cupboards:
yeah, we're pretty much begging to be haunted.
let's be positive, it'd be nice to see him again.

thanks to reinforced childhood superstition,
i still pick up pennies from the ground
(yup, even with my germ phobia).

i used to write to the tooth fairy!
she warned me about gum disease.
her name was tiffy, but it turned out to
just be mum writing with her left hand.

as an internet-addicted hermit,
little me hated going abroad
since the only friends i felt i had were online.
there's thus a list of places to someday re-visit -
rotterdam is one.

i'd like to be somebody's muse.
if my life plan fails,
i want to work in a funeral parlour:
it feels as though i'd do it justice.

watching the same film more than once
just isn't something i do -- except grease --
exceptions can be made when it's on TV.

i mean, c'mon, it's grease.
(feel free to leave some interesting tidbits of your own life in the comments. you all seem fun enough.)
you can't make metaphors out of this stuff if you bother to write about it: they're just facts that are true. so let's chuck them all into a draft and call it a list poem. or free verse. or an experiment. hey, if 'anything can be poetry', so can this!
Ashtyn Lucas Jan 2018
This is the Teenager Test, To Test if You Are a Teenager. Please Comment Which Numbers Apply To You

1. Have you ever stayed up all night working on a project last minute that you forgot about?

2. Have you ever looked at your computer screen for hours, trying to come up with an idea for a paper?

3. Have you ever stressed about a test so much that you didn't sleep?

4. Have you ever had a crush on someone, but know that they don't know you exist or think that you're weird, stupid, etc..

5. Have you ever had the same crush as your best friend?

6. Have you ever had a best friend that has dated your crush, and you have to magically hold your friendship together?

7. Have you ever gotten grounded because you were trying to help your friend through a tough time but were up way too late?

8. Have you ever waited 3 minutes for a text back, but it felt like 3 hours?

9. Have you ever lost your best friend over a pointless argument?

10. Have you ever been surrounded by friends, but felt alone?

11. Have you ever realized you no longer love your s/o and have to find out how to break-up with them without hurting them

12. Have you ever lost almost all of your friends due to a break-up? Have you ever found out that your so-called "friends" only like you for your s/o?

13. Have you ever pretended that you have a s/o because no one deserves your attention?

14. Have you ever realized that life will go on no matter how much stuff life throws at your face?
Wrote this for Language Arts! What do you think? Also, comment what you think the story is!
marina tsvetaeva's "poem of the end"
clear umbrellas
soft and cold rain
mountain smoke
old photographs
books i want to read
gas money
dreaming in foreign languages
hanging ferns
natural light
"to emily dickinson" by hart crane
almond milk
poem or list? don't really know. when it rains i tend to dissociate more. can't write for **** when i'm like this.
Vhey Casison Mar 2017
Rainy days
Cold musky pillows and rumpled linens
Steam from a brewing coffee, someone’s  
               making breakfast in the kitchen
Afternoons in the month of May
Sweat of a bemused lover
Endless summer rains.
Kailee Sometimes Oct 2016
criminal justice
graphic design
social work

polit­ical Science

africaNa studies
computEr science

gender studies
sound design
Choosing a major is hard, especially when there are so many options and you want to explore and experience everything.
Jaanam Jaswani Oct 2016
black liquorice.
a man walking me with his hand on the small of my back.
chilli-flavoured chocolate.
being called "exotic".
my long beautiful hair (it's a trap!).
eggs in the morning.
making myself look "pretty".
foie gras.
bleu cheese.
Alyssa Yu Oct 2014
I cannot count on one hand
(the) number of times I've fallen asleep to the rhythm of your breathing.
It's hard to believe I've (only) known you for two weeks minus two days.

I'm convinced that no(thing) in all of history has ever tasted sweeter than waking up with you on Halloween morning
As your sighs match time with the unfamiliar sound of raindrops
and your arms pull me under the covers to keep warm against the cold.

Pumpkins on the street laugh while the sky cries.
The hours are long when you're gone.
(I'm) not sure how I feel without you beside me.

I met a boy from my past today
who reminded me that my heart is still haunted by the ghosts of all the times I ****** up.
And I'm (scared)
-no, terrified-
that you will not be able to escape the spiderweb (of) failures that I've gotten entangled in.

Homework (is) not an effective distraction.
Trying to write out (how) I feel doesn't seem to be working either.
Maybe that's the consequence of always hiding behind masks: you try to look in the mirror one day and begin to wonder if anything is real.

I shouldn't miss you this (much) after only seven hours.

I shouldn't miss (you) this much after only seven hours and two minutes.

I'm sorry I get in these moods sometimes.
I would blame it on the leaking clouds more often if we weren't in a drought.

What I (mean) to say is that I'm sorry I am selfish when it comes to you.
You deserve so much more than the mess that I am
But I'm addicted (to) you and I can't seem to pry my cold hands from the warm life in your bones.

I never believed in superstition
And I'm having my doubts about heaven and hell
All I know is that you must've been sent to rescue (me)
Because you are the closest thing to I've got to prince charming and I swear I am under your spell.
Alyssa Yu Oct 2014
i. (kc) was the catalyst
the first to convince me that I could be loved
and the only one to make me believe I was capable of loving back
...for about two weeks.

ii. then (jt) arrived
and dorkily crushing on the one girl who couldn't return his affections.
but it wasn't until the first time I heard my name and 'beautiful' in the same sentence
that i realized there might be faultlines in my heart
shaking the love out of my body like lunch money from a scrawny kid's pockets.

iii. the first time i broke someone
the process was anything but (sl)ow
and it was then that i realized
i was getting too comfortable sleeping with regret, curled up like a black cat beside me.

iv. fortunately for me
(je) had 20/20 vision.
he saw through the mask, forced me to face myself until i couldn't help but punch my own reflection
and though his words almost convinced me that i could be saved
his empty stare reminded me that i wasn't worth the trouble.

v. looking back, the initials should've warned me
that he would be the (ss) to our sinking ship,
that we were fated to drown.
but he was coldstronghard as metal
and it took me a two years, one month, and one day
to learn that even silver can be tarnished.

vi. the name was fitting, i guess.
(jr) was finer than any greek hero
and were he a god, I would've named the planets after him too.
he was as reckless as the roman empire
scratching himself on the thorns of my soul just to find something worth saving.
was it because of compassion or guilt or shame
that I put Ariadne's string in his hands
so he could navigate his way out
and run for his life.
maybe it was because
I was so used to the echoes in my head
that through the tears, I still managed to smile at the words
he ended it.

— The End —