Temporal Fugue Dec 2017

She's an expert, with tongue and cheek
not a jaunt, for the faint, or meek
tip to my tip
on every trip
as looking down, my knees, go weak

;D~ yuppers, cruisin the sewer
thank god, she's no chewer!
Breeze-Mist Dec 2017

Here is a plant that could cut your thumb
From a strange frond does it become
With its pieces cut fresh
It can disolve your flesh
We'll give it to you as a sign of welcome

I suspect the custom grew out of a misunderstood backhanded insult.
Lemon Wren Dec 2017

A farmer named Cane bought a goat
And was alarmed to find it could float
It drifted away,
All while chewing its hay,
And a writer of this story wrote

Please, if you are one of concern,
For this goat and the farmer in turn
Know that it is quite true
That the goat as he flew
For the ground he did simply not yearn

Once more, our friend Cane
Was bewildered not pained
To see his new animal fly
And as the goat rose,
Well, he crinkled his nose,
And he smiled as he said a "Goodbye!"

Temporal Fugue Nov 2017

Limericking up some holiday, type cheer
dispelling, all my worst, and dreadful fears
hold my hand
and understand
I'm gonna need, a lot, of beers

Whas tha dancin elfessess doin on the bar? ;D~
Temporal Fugue Nov 2017

I once knew a hot, horny white witch
her potions were frothy, and rich
her spells had a kick
her climax's, quick
so very slick, tripping her witchiest switch

Who said witches weren't fun? ;D~
Temporal Fugue Nov 2017

To heck with Debbie Dallas, she just don't compare
her talents and her attributes, just not that debonair
the grip upon the shaft
it's an art, a craft
Debbie, she just laughed, a BJ type, affair

Yup, I'm there ;D~
PuppeteerV Nov 2017

Darling, please see
That I would like to be
A loyal friend
Until the end
Of our eternity

My dear, please hear
You needn't ever fear
Chest to chest
We'll lie and rest
I'll hold you safe and near

My friend, please mind
My thoughts they turn unkind
I'll fake a smile
But after a while
With you a real one I'll find

My number of certificates
is entirely insignificant!
What I’ll leave behind
and might make me shine
is my mastery(?) of the difficult!

My sexy neighbour was in knickers
salaciously eating a Snickers,
from behind a curtain,
with only a shirt on,
my wife appeared. Gosh, how we bickered!

If you live and you’re too serious
you’ll soon find yourself delirious,
so jump around at times!
Lick some underripe limes!
And above all that, stay curious!

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