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Penning down the thoughts
Am I not done with the words
Have I used them all?

Round and round
Thoughts and words
In the loop bound

The thoughts have been naughty
Jump off the mind cliff,  doughty
Don’t want to be worded
Flight to nowhere boarded
Off the radar crash land , all spotty
James Khan Sep 20
Now love is a complex equation
And balancing needs concentration,
If your data won't parse
Then you're out on your ****
And it's back to the old *******.
There once was a girl named sue
She spent her time in the zoo
She got hit on the nose
With the elephant’s hose
And woke up in Tim-Buck-Two  


There once was a girl named Suzie Lamar
She went to a movie that was rated R
When she got caught
Pa gave he a swat
And now she’s living in grandpa’s car
James Study Sep 17
The old man got a doggy
He should have got a froggy
The doggy chews
The old man shoes
When it rain his feet get soggy
James Khan Sep 12
Old Noah, the prophet, that drunken old goat
But a **** of a sailor, his ark stayed afloat
But a question remains
For the erudite brains
And its 'how did those polar bears get on that boat?'
How da ***?
James Khan Sep 12
a Satanist knows that the signs of perdition

are crosses inverted, a mirrored position

but sadly, the reason

is nothing that heathen-

the cross was inverted for Peter's contrition.
If you've read the bible, you'll know that Apostle Simon Peter denounced Christ in his hour of need and thus, as his guilt weighed heavy and he was captured and tried, he allegedly requested his crucifix be inverted as he failed to live up to Christ's model and did not feel worthy enough to be crucified in the Lord's manner.

So if anything, the inverted cross represents a wilful repentance and acknowledgement that one has fallen short of ***'s model. By praying to that cross, we pray for the contrition of Simon Peter, which is nice.
James Khan Sep 11
Teresa just casually talks
As her government swoop in like hawks,
But the average Guy
Sees the glamorous lie
And they certainly don't give a Fawkes.
James Khan Sep 11
Well Boris, now look at your life
As the prizes for lying arrive,
When you threw in your tuppence
You earned your comeuppance
And now you're divorced from your wife.
Jack L Martin Sep 11
I once had a dog named Sears,
Who was trained how to fetch me some beers.
He'd run to the cooler,
No later than sooner,
So fast it would bring me to tears!
Her name was Cné, Lizzy, Santita, Tangerine
she told me she was new in town, fresh upon, the scene
we danced the tango, mamba
we loved in the horizontal thunda
and I know she was in splendor, the moment that, she creamed
;D ya had to be there....
Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad were hot stuff in my day LOL!
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