Once a foxy mademoiselle said too me
"lets not dally, butt, set ourselves free"
juxtaposed posed
orgasms arose
releasing the flow, and no, it tweren't pee
:D Yes
You can guess where my mind is this morning ;)
There once was a spammer from Prague
his traffic a plague, and a fog
till came the day
they took him away
now Interpol's lacky, and dog
We need more stories of such scum being brought to justice.
No, I don't consider them hero's, but a plague of semi-educated idiots scamming the system, that in and of itself, is inane and stupid. :D

I'm not really angry
just disappointed :)
A miracle played on the flute
Was sounded in one single toot:
    A flutist spontaneously
    Played simultaneously
The fifth and the third and the root.  

Largo e mesto,
Con pizza, no pesto.

There once was a man from Zumbrota
Who’d suck down a 2-liter soda,
    Then burp up a symphony
    By Beethoven winsomely,
From the first bar to the end of the coda.  

A player once played the trombone
As though he had ears made of stone:
   He'd slip and he'd slide,
   Glissandi a-glide,
All over his targeted tone.  

jack sought a pot of gold in his dream
jill rose from the bottom of the stream
like a hooked fish
she jumped his dish
riches nice, but silver gave him a scream

Logan Robertson

A farmer once grew some potatoes
Genetically crossed with tomatoes:
   He plucked 'em by hand,
   Set up a stand,
And sold 'em as "heirloom topatoes".  

There's hair all over my arms and back
Bigfoot and Yeti, they cut me no slack
hirsute just a word
as furry incurred
awaiting the razor's attack
Yeah, I have so much hair on my ass I can weave 15 afghan rugs ;D
Hahah, not really, it just seems like it.
Ellison Apr 19
A mister came by to song a good sing
He didn’t have nickels for dimes
And tunes shed freely to come in and ring
For all the fun woody old times.

He fiddled a fiddle to pluck a red truck
And song out his words by a stile
Some boys run about in their own little luck
And saw mister forge a small smile.

Canary a fairy of small little ladies
Crowd about a shop selling oak hay
In their own Ethel minds of small little babies
On wooden red cradles they lay.

“But come one and all to the man playing south”
Said a poster girl out with a cry
“Say he’d come on and in with a gun to the mouth
And we’re all having orange pumpkin pie.”

I come to the pass with a glass in my hand
Saw the mister grin granny o’swong
And felt the glass fall to the crummy white sand
Heard the shards crawl a fangled new song.

“You caused me a pain to my heart with my name”
I tell mister out with a voice
But he played on regardless of no having claim
Of the music playing out of his choice.

Mister my sister you cause quite a blister
But I’m not giving up quite so soon
Cause I’m staying right here with my girl and I kissed her
On the forests sprouting up after noon.
Just a fun little limerick about a pan handler.
Steve Apr 9
My Wife Mary
Was incredibly hairy
With a thick wooly coat of fur
Head to toe covered in hair
You may think that’s quite scary
But it was just hereditary
Her mother was a grisly bear

My Sister Kim
Was a little bit dim
She asked what IDK stands for
When I said I don't know she stamped on the floor
OMG she said, nobody does, I'm off to the gym for a swim.

My Uncle Cyril
Flew down from the Wirral
Where he was known as a ladies man
With an extremely large wingspan
You know what I mean, he was virile.
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