Cné Mar 12
A new day has dawned, the clocks have changed
Lost an hour sleep, and my body found it strange
Now on daylight savings time
Confused this wee mind of mine
Why not leave it alone, it confuses people's brains?
I want for you too always be so happy
your life great, and never ever crappy
kisses to take the pain
smiles to clear the rain
joy and love's refrain, let's go take a nappy
Mmmmmmmm naps! ;D~
We don't have to sleep baby hehe.
Every single day is government day
we're not allowed, being any other way
taking from the poor
giving too the rich
again I'll pay, you'll pay, we'll pay
Waist(waste) used to be something you put a belt around now it's the corruption and spillage of government into the mouths of the fat and wealthy. :(
Cné Mar 1
it’s the first day of March so beware
with a hint of sweet spring in the air
you might be tempted
thinking winter has ended
only to be caught by Jack Frost, unaware
Cana Feb 28
I’d love to write something clever and witty
To capture the essence of Dr Suess in a ditty
But try as I might, the words don’t take flight
And the whole thing just sounds kind of shitty
This was not supposed to be this way! Sneaky limericks just popping up and taking over.
Vick Mandrake Feb 26
In my front yard there’s a tree
That’s just the same age as me
The tree is much taller
But I am much wiser
Because a tree cannot think, you see
Clary Feb 21
I gave you chances but you threw them away,
I'm more than the sum of my parts I've to say,
You broke me then,
Broke me again,
But I hid my shattered parts away.
I was as “broken” as a young teen can get, but this’s partly inspired by “Flipped”, by Wendelin Van Draanen.
Panda Feb 20
Sometimes, I need wine to think.
Not the taste, the smell of the drink
Makes my heart race
And old memories pace
Till I pour out the sap in the sink.
Drey Rud Feb 19
You give me feelings that no other girls do.
I still have not yet gotten over you.
But I know it cannot be,
You get bored and you leave.
You would think I would have had my cue.
Why does my mind do what I clearly don't want it to?
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