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There once was a farmer who said,
I’m feeling so light in my head.

My joints and my bones just ache,
And they squeak and pop when I rake.

He went to the doctor for advice,
The doctor said, overall, you look nice.

But your blood is as heavy as lead,
So I think you need to be bled.

With many a phlebotomies,
I felt ever bit of me,
Twas draining with each drop of blood.

But now I feel fine,
But I still can’t drink my wine

For the iron will always be part of me!
Hemochromatosis is a Hereditary condition that signals the body to absorb too much Iron.  Commonly found in those with a heritage of Northern Europe ancestry.  A simple blood test will tell the story.
There once was a man from Wales,
That lived off cunt, snot and snails,
When he didn't have these;
he lived off the cheese;
which he scraped from his knob with his nails.
Yes it's both cheesy and unpleasant like many limericks...
Poem for Nigel Bowers farther now deceased
Dr YumnaKay Aug 6
An old lady with black gown underneath
pink sandals on her dainty little feet
came to the clinic
as if on picnic
when she smiled, out flew the last of her teeth!
Fun writes continue.
There once was a player named Morgan
Who played all day long with his organ:
     He played with it majorly,
     Sadistically, and ragerly,
That claw-handed, hairy-palmed Morgan.  

There once was a confident nudist,
The rudest of nudists, and lewdest,
     Who'd offer a toot
     On his flesh-and-bone flute,
Declaring he'd make you a flutist.

There once was a wandering hobo
Who wandered from NoBo to SoBo
     Whilst whistling merrily,
     Gladly, and verily
Mozart's concerto for oboe.

jack sought a pot of gold in his dream
jill rose from the bottom of his stream
like a hooked fish
she jumped his dish
riches nice, but silver gave him a scream

Logan Robertson

Dr YumnaKay Aug 13
There once travelled a ​girl to Rome
in search of guys she could take home
who knew how to pout
with his wits about,
all she found was a garden gnome!
Fun write.
Lainey  Jun 2017
Cardinal Pell
Lainey Jun 2017
There once was a Cardinal Pell, whose innocence didn't quite gel. He made Atheists hope and concur with the Pope that hopefully there is a hell.
Dr YumnaKay Aug 7
He swayed here to there, dangling a carrot
singing a crude song like a rude parrot,
a flying kiss to the actress
who acted like a princess
but danced like a silly little ferret...!
Obsessed with limericks.
Dr YumnaKay Aug 23
There once was a puppy named Kahri,
who cruised in the desert safari.
His butt stuck like toffee
when he pottied coffee,
and ruined his master's Ferrari!
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