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Frozen clothes on
the clothesline, blowing in
a vagrant wind.
My nose red from the
Wine and beer at
the bar.
December of '87 came
hard and ferocious,
forever changing my life.

I was working night shift at
the nursing home up
the street.
A few of us went to
the tavern after work.
I got home around noon,
and went to bed.
21 years old, with money,
a job, and a car.
I didn't realize
life was borrowed.
Mom couldn't find
her sweater, so she
came to my room and
asked if I had seen it.
I said,
"No Mom, I'm trying to sleep."
I should have realized that
there's plenty of time for
sleep when I die.
But youth produces ignorance,
and I was drowned in it.

Mom asked if she could
borrow my car to go
Christmas shopping.
After more discussion about
her sweater,
I, with eyes closed tight,
held up the keys,
and that was the last
time I saw her.

My last words,
"Quit acting like
a *****."
Ever since, there has
been and itch to
punish myself.
I'm not Freud, but
maybe that's why I
drink so much.
Happy Mother's Day
The strangest thing happened
to me a while back.
I was driving a
lonely stretch of
A soft vagrant
breeze blew through
the car.
My window was
down about an
I smelled lilies and lilacs.

My cell phone rang and
I answered it.
The news was tragic.
A good friend had
committed suicide.
A somber rain began
to fall.
The wild ride of
this carnival life
became too much for
She bought a different
No judgment from me,
I wish I could have touched
her pain, and made
It go away.

I began to think of the the
fragility of life, and how
truly fragile the
human spirit
can get.
Life can get
with its twists and turns
and hairpin curves.
sometimes, headlong into
a huge oak tree seems
just too inviting.

Just then,
A big white bird
smashed into my
driver side window.
It was like one of those
Freeze frame,
broken neck with
Xed out eyes.

It was so ******* sudden
and loud,
I thought it was a pelican,
but after some thought,
I realized it was a
I thought to myself,
It had to have seen
my car.
They usually fly
much higher.
And then I thought
that maybe,
headlong into a 69
Mustang was too inviting.
And just then,
the sun began to peak
out from
behind a big grey
are a work of art;
I could admire you all day
-I could take in every word you say.

The way your lips curl when you say
"I love you."

The curls in hair changing every day,
despite that fact you,
you still pull it off anyway.

When you smile,
when you smile,
the room doesn't seem as gray,
you're my light,
even when that light fades,

and when you're sad,
a hurricane forms in your ocean eyes,
but no matter the urge to,
no matter how many times i offer you my shoulder,
you try and try and refuse to cry.

The way you grown like a flower,
in my garden.
You were planted in my heart,
like a sunflower seed.

People in the past
have treated you
as if you were a growing ****;
constantly pulling up and tearing you apart,

I'm here to love you,
you're safe in my arms.

You're the sunflower that was planted in my heart.

You're beautiful.
You are my world.
You are a work of art.
You slipped
away from me,
like the robins and
cherry blossoms when
spring ends,
and the fractured nights
of winter comes.
I will search the
midnight alleys, and the
mountains of Chile.
I will listen for
your sweet laughter.
I long to taste your
honeysuckle lips, and
hear your heartbeat.
If I never find you,
I will be a lost leaf
on the lonesome
vagabond wind.
This is a tribute to one of my favorite poets Pablo Neruda
The conversation lasted into the
long tooth hours of the night.
She read her textbooks and then heard a mouse with its tail barely caught in a glue trap. It squealed as if it were dying. In my heart I believed it was savable. In the agony I imagined him dreaming of fields and insects and seeds.
She had these cold gray eyes.
in one quick movement, she took off
one of her clodhoppers and smashed its brains out. She cleaned her shoe with a tissue, she said, I neither hate the mouse nor love it, it's just a thing.  At that moment I was pretty sure she was psychotic.
We're both drunk, I kept watching her *** and that tight  black dress.
She said in a very automated voice, I suppose you want to **** me now and then slithered out of that dress.
***** is *****
But I couldn't do it. I told her to put her clothes back on and not **** anything on the way out.
My natural instinct in
this flesh wrapped soul,
is to anestasize the
pain and ugliness of life.
Blackout the brutality and
cruelty in the world.
Close my eyes with *****,
drugs, ***, anything to
stop the oozing pain.

And then it dawned on me,
like the dew soaked morning,
opposite action is required.
Walk through the
pain with eyes wide open.
Let love and YHWH hold my
Sober, head held high.
Call me sentimental and foolish,
but I'm a real *******.

I'm going to embrace the beauty.
It is all around me.
It's painted in the
sunset of the robin's breast.
It's in the
sublime melody of
the starry Night.
It's written in the
faces of all my brothers and
sisters in their pain and

Love is the answer to
every question;
I have to die to grow;
like a seed, a cell,
a fractured heart.
Bring it On Life!
If you knock me down,
I'm getting back up.
I'm resilient, and
no longer afraid.
Yes, this world can be
brutal, and we often
lose the ones we love,
but I'm choosing
today, in this moment, to
take this wild ride called
life, and live it, and
love every second I have

Then, I can leave victorious.
What the ****?
Everybody wants to win.
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